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How to Reduce the Risk of a Condo Burglary

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If you’re thinking about moving to zip code 92101, condos are readily available in the area. Though these units are generally safe, like any other property there’s always the potential risk of a burglary. However, there are a few tips you can use to reduce the risk of your condo being burglarized.

Lock Doors and Windows

Burglars are likely to use windows to enter a condo. Leaving windows open means criminals don’t have to resort to forced entry, making it harder to determine if a break-in occurred. Lock your windows whenever you’re sleeping or leaving the area. Likewise, lock entrance doors and sliding doors. Sliding doors may require extra reinforcement to prevent burglars from prying them open. Use a dowel or security bar to secure the sliding door. While sleeping, security bars can work for entrance doors as well.

Live on a Higher Floor

Burglars find it difficult to break windows past the first floor, and it’s also harder to carry items downstairs. If the option is available, pass up buying a floor level condo for a unit on a higher level. As a bonus, condos on higher floors sometimes cost less than floor level condos.

Contact the Main Office When on Vacation

The courtesy officer or condominium manager should receive a notification whenever you leave the condo for a few days or longer. The main office staff can guard the area until your return.

Invest in Security Devices

Condos with leases contain little wiggle room in terms of customization, so a security system is not typically an option. Residents should watch out for their safety and invest in security items for further protection. Security bars for doors and motion lights are two perfect examples.

Break the Routine

Burglars are likely to scope out the area before breaking in. A burglar expects you to maintain the same routine long enough to enter your home and steal your belongings. Throw off burglars by switching up your daily routines. If you leave at 9am every morning, leave at 8am or 10am instead. If you return at 6pm most evenings, return earlier. Drop by the condo during lunch. Turn on the lights at a different time. These tricks can keep burglars guessing.

Any property is potentially susceptible to burglary, but taking preventive measures like these can help keep your condo safe. Learn more home-related crime prevention tips and find out about the amazing real estate for sale in 92101 by getting in touch with 92101 Urban Living. Call us at 619-649-0368 today and start your search for your downtown dream home. ')}