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Promoting Downtown San Diego Real Estate on the Craig Sewing Radio Show

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego Real estate

The life of a Downtown San Diego broker is busy to say the least. In order to be successful in this business and in this competitive market in Downtown, we have to “out work” our competition. However, one of the most rewarding and exciting things for me is when I have an opportunity to promote Downtown San Diego Real Estate and the 92101 Urban Living Brand. Thanks to our partners at Foundation Escrow, I am grateful to say I had that opportunity today on the Craig Sewing Radio show (1170 AM). Craig is the founder of the Nationally Syndicated Real Estate Radio Network and acts as a consumer advocate for San Diego Real estate.

Since Craig lives in Downtown himself, the conversation naturally led to some of the reasons we love living here. We are no different than our clients searching for that unique Southern California urban lifestyle. A benefit when we start working with a client is that the choice of lifestyle is usually already decided before we even have contact. It is very rare to get a client wavering between their preference of say: a beach lifestyle or an urban one. One of the most unique aspects of the lifestyle that we discussed, was how the attraction of an urban and downtown lifestyle can transcend age. I always like to say there is always a little something for everyone in Downtown San Diego: A trip to the Childrens Discovery Museum for my kids, the opportunity for great nightlife in the Gaslamp, and long walks along the bay front for mature and retired couples. I am grateful everyday for this experience to live and work Downtown. It is always my pleasure to share with those interested, what a great opportunity it is to live the way we do. Also on today’s show Craig and I were able to touch on several other topics which included: New Construction, Chargers Stadium, Issues with Litigation, and finally inventory levels as we approach the buying season for Downtown Condos.  Hit play to hear the full segment below:

Thank you again Craig and Foundation Escrow for such a wonderful opportunity today. Hope to do it again very soon.