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5 Important Questions Sellers Need to Ask Real Estate Agents

By Mike in Home Selling with 0 Comments

If you own real estate in Gaslamp and are planning on selling your property, it’s important to find a reliable agent who can make the sale happen at the price you want and in the quickest time frame possible. When hunting for the right agent, make sure you ask him or her these 5 crucial questions.

1. What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

Advertising is critical in loft, condo, and penthouse sales. If a realtor doesn’t have a course of action for marketing, kindly reject his or her offer. Realtors must have a game plan and backup plan in case your home isn’t selling as quickly as you had hoped, and the strategy must reach all potential buyers. Additionally, inquire about the agent’s attention to detail. Photos and virtual tours must be sharp and crisp, while listings should lure buyers to the property.

2. How Do I Get in Touch with You?

A clear line of communication through phone, email, in-person, or text is paramount. Otherwise, you can get left out of the selling plans and goals. The realtor may even sell the property without informing you of the plans. Sellers need a team member, not a controlling leader. Additionally, realtors must be prompt. Chasing the agent for answers before hiring him or her is a bad sign.

3. Do You Represent Both Buyers and Sellers?

It’s normal for realtors to represent buyers and sellers, but it can get complicated when both clients are on opposite ends of the same deal. Situations like these sometimes force realtors to choose a side, and it’s hard to remain impartial when the other side feels cheated. A realtor must convince you that he or she won’t choose sides should a situation like this arise.

4. What Financing Expertise Do You Have?

Most buyers operate on loans and mortgages to pay realtors and sellers. Agents understand which lending companies are reputable and should suggest those to you. When sellers choose a lender, the realtor should communicate with both you and the lender to ensure no fraudulent activity is taking place.

5. What Are Your Selling Stats with Lofts, Condos, and Penthouses?

Experience or education in real estate is sometimes not enough when your loft or penthouse is at stake. Statistics should back realtors up. Ask the realtor for list-to-price ratio and the length of time his or her listings remain on the market. The agent must display both stats to you for comparison purposes.

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