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Real Estate Agent Red Flags: Things You Don’t Want to Hear From an Agent

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

When you’re looking for your dream condo, loft, or penthouse, it’s important that you are confident in the abilities of your real estate agent in Downtown San Diego. If you hear any of these five phrases, it may be time to turn and run.

1. “I’m new to this.”

While plenty of people have a real estate license, a smaller number of people work full-time as a real estate agent. Choosing an experienced real estate agent can help you gain valuable access to new listings and reputable contacts and help you find the right place for both your taste and your budget.

2. “I’m not familiar with the neighborhood.”

Real estate agents with no local knowledge often are unaware of a neighborhood’s unique qualities (and shortcomings) and use ineffective strategies when operating in the area. Most experienced agents specialize in a handful of neighborhoods, so whether you want to buy a loft for sale in East Village or sell a penthouse in Cortez Hill, be sure to choose an agent who focuses on the neighborhoods where you wish to buy or sell.

3. “I also provide brokerage services.”

Agents who split their time between the mortgage business and real estate are often creating a serious conflict of interest. It takes time and dedication to be successful in real estate, so choose an agent who makes buying or selling their clients’ properties the primary focus.

4. “I can get more money for your place.”

Agents who list your condo or loft at a much higher price than comparable properties in the area are not helping you make a sound real estate choice. With an inflated price, your property in Downtown San Diego may take longer to sell or may not sell at all.

5. “That water is no big deal.”

An agent downplaying any existing water or moldy, musty smell is an enormous red flag. The real estate agent may be more interested in selling the home than helping you find a safe, comfortable place to live.

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