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7 Reasons to Check Out San Diego’s Embarcadero

By Mike in Things to Do in downtown San Diego with 0 Comments

Living in San Diego can be an adventure due to the numerous attractions and amenities that can be found across this seaside city. If you’re looking to purchase real estate, Marina San Diego is one the best places to live. One special attraction is downtown San Diego’s Embarcadero, which in Spanish means “landing and docking facility.” Of all coastal attractions in San Diego, the Embarcadero is special for the following 7 reasons.

1. Family Fun

The Marina Park South section of the Embarcadero features green areas, sculptures, a picnic area, bicycle trails, fitness courses, and a fishing pier that offers great views of the harbor. Use of this park is free for everyone.

2. Maritime History

There are three major museums to explore at the Embarcadero, and two of them are dedicated to maritime history and the nautical arts: the USS Midway and the Maritime Museum. The Midway aircraft carrier is a very important part of American history due to her long and distinguished service in the United States Navy. The Maritime Museum includes the magnificent Star of India, an ancient sailing ship that is still seaworthy.

3. Seaport Village

This waterfront shopping and entertainment esplanade is one of the most popular meeting spots in San Diego and is one of the city’s most recognized landmarks. Seaport Village is a 14-acre mecca of shops, restaurants, and seaside cafés perfect for taking in sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

4. Harbor Tours

The Embarcadero is also one of the busiest passenger cruise ports in California. Fans of day cruises can find a number of ships making daily voyages for sightseeing and learning more about San Diego’s maritime heritage. Most harbor tours sail close to rocks and jetties where playful seals are known to frolic.

5. Public Art

San Diego’s largest collection of public art can be appreciated at the Embarcadero. There are more than two dozen large sculptures along the waterfront, and 16 of these bronze pieces are part of a celebration of San Diego’s history as a major military community. The Urban Trees Artwork collection is an interesting set of sculptures inspired by the diverse landscapes of the city and the harbor.

6. Seafood Cuisine

Some of the best seafood dining in the United States can be sampled in San Diego’s Embarcadero. The sizable collection of seafood restaurants begins at Marina Park South with Joe’s Crab Shack and continues at Seaport Village with the Edgewater Grill, Marion’s Fish Market, Seaport Grill, Buster’s Beach House, San Diego Pier Café, Asaggio, and a few others.

7. Fishing

The public fishing pier is located on the southern tip of the Embarcadero, and it does not require a California Sport Fishing License. This fishing spot has plenty of baby sea bass, eels, and small sharks. There are restrooms right on the pier as well as a station for descaling and gutting catch.

In addition to the Embarcadero, downtown San Diego is home to many great attractions. If you’re thinking about moving to the downtown San Diego area, you can choose from a wide array of great penthouses, lofts, and condos. Marina San Diego is just one of the many popular downtown neighborhoods. At 92101 Urban Living, we can help you find the right property in the right neighborhood. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368. ')}