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How to Celebrate National Rum Day

By Mike in Things to Do in downtown San Diego with 0 Comments

More than just a delicious ingredient found in tropical cocktails, rum has a long and interesting history. In the 17th century, sugar was produced by crushing sugar cane, boiling the juices, and leaving it to cure in clay pots. A liquid, known now as molasses, would leak of out the pots, leaving the sugar behind. At the time, there was no demand for molasses and it became unwanted industrial waste. Someone eventually learned how to ferment it, and the process yielded what is now known as rum.

Rum became so popular that twelve million gallons a year were consumed by early colonists. The infamous Admiral Nelson had his body preserved in a rum cask as it was transported to England. When the cask was opened, it was found to hold nothing but the picked body. It was discovered that sailors had drilled a hole in the bottom of the cask and drank it.

Rest assured, you can enjoy National Rum Day without going to these extremes. Indulge in one of these delicious cocktails, favorites among the real estate agents here at 92101 Urban Living.

1. Jerry Float

2 Parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
4 Parts Root Beer
Vanilla Ice Cream
Fill a glass ¾ of the way with a mixture of Sailor Jerry and root beer to taste. Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to the glass and serve with straws and spoons.

2. Blackberry Mojitos

6 Large Blackberries
8 Mint Leaves
1 oz. Rum
1-2 tbsp. Sugar
1/3 oz. Lime Juice
2 oz. Club Soda
Muddle blackberries, mint leaves, sugar, rum, and lime juice in the bottom of a glass. Add sugar and club soda and garnish with whole blackberries and a sprig of mint.

3. Classic Hurricane (serves 4)

1 cup Light Rum
1 cup Dark Rum
1 cup Passion Fruit Juice
½ cup Orange Juice
¼ cup Lime Juice
¼ cup Simple Syrup
¼ cup Grenadine
Cherries and Orange Slices (for garnish)

In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients except garnish. Pour over ice into hurricane glasses. Garnish with cherry and orange and enjoy!

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