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What Are the Best Schools in the Downtown San Diego Area?

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Downtown San Diego real estate is often marketed to single professionals with plenty of disposable income looking for boutique condominium towers and upscale amenities, but the reality of this housing market is that it also attracts many young families with children. High quality of life can be found across all districts of downtown San Diego, and while some of the trendier neighborhoods are mostly known for their nightlife, they’re also home to families who researched educational opportunities for their children during the house-hunting process. Whether you’re looking at penthouses, condos, or lofts, downtown San Diego offers a variety of great schools to choose from. Here are a few highly rated schools located near the various districts of downtown San Diego. Some are private academies, while others are part of the unified school district.

City Tree Christian School

Located on Date Street just north of the San Diego freeway, City Tree is a private school offering programs from infant to preschool and elementary to middle school. This religious school is part of the community outreach conducted by First Presbyterian Church, and it’s located between Little Italy and the southwestern corner of Balboa Park. Reviews from parents of the youngest students often remark that their children either never cried or only did when being dropped off the first time. Class sizes are very small, and the religious education encourages intellectual endeavor as well as devotion.

Washington Elementary

Parents living in the Little Italy district cannot go wrong enrolling their children at this school, which is known to be very rigorous in terms of academic performance, but it’s also highly reviewed by parents and students. The nice campus is right next door to Amici Park.

East Village High School

Despite its name, this 9th-to-12th-grade public school is located quite a few blocks north of East Village. In fact, it shares campus space with San Diego High School and San Diego City College. An interesting aspect of this school, as explained by the U.S. News and World Report, is that 80 percent of the student body comes from disadvantaged households, yet advanced placement course enrollment is at 100 percent. College readiness has always been a strong focus of this school.

Roosevelt International Middle School

Parents who believe in the many benefits of a well-rounded education that teaches students about the world will be interested in the International Baccalaureate program offered by this school, which is located at the north end of Balboa Park. Roosevelt Middle has forged instrumental relationships with local business owners and community organizations to provide a real-world approach to education.

Urban Discovery Academy

Located at the north end of the East Village, the Urban Discovery Academy has a very strong reputation for delivering an experiential learning curriculum. As the leading charter school in San Diego, this institution’s achievements have been featured at many national educational conferences. Although in recent years parents have asked for a greater focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, the academy hasn’t given up on the arts.

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