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Why San Diego Has the Most Amazing Quality of Life

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

The year-round sunshine, craft beer scene, and great beaches are just a few reasons people love to call San Diego home. Sure, our rent is almost unaffordable, but nothing beats the quality of life in the sunny city. If you’re thinking of buying a loft or condo in downtown San Diego, here are a few reasons that might seal the deal.

1. Our home is where you vacation.

We’re pretty sure it says that on a shirt somewhere, but it’s true. Tourists come to San Diego in droves during the summer months. Meanwhile, we wait to hit the beach until after Labor Day when all the tourists leave, but the weather is still high 70s. On top of that, we have great attractions like the zoo and LEGOLAND.

2. San Diegans are really good looking.

We aren’t just bragging–people who live in San Diego look really good. Sure, not every single person could be a model (despite what Instagram leads you to believe), but in general, people here live a healthy lifestyle, work out regularly, and put effort into their appearance.

3. Burritos.

There’s not much more to say about this one. You can throw a stone and hit a delicious taco shop if you’re standing just about anywhere in the city. Try a few, find your favorite, and let us know.

4. We have tons of outdoor space.

From Balboa Park and Waterfront Park to NTC and Robb Field, we’ve got tons of parks and green spaces to play in. We can see ships coming into port, airplanes landing, host a picnic, visit museums, play dozen of different sports, or just play fetch with the dog.

5. Our tech industry is blooming.

Some experts say San Diego is en route to becoming a smaller, less dog-eat-dog Silicon Valley. San Diego is one of the top ten cities in the country when it comes to the number of tech patents granted, and it seems like every other week we’re hearing about some cool tech company opening in the East Village. That also means new jobs, which will help you pay for all the craft beer and burritos.

6. Craft Beer, craft beer, and more craft beer.

You knew it was coming. San Diego has one of the best, if not the best, craft beer scenes in the country. Maybe you’ve heard of Ballast Point, which started here and recently sold for a billion dollars. Billion, with a b.

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