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San Diego Real Estate Update

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|January 2014 with 0 Comments

Positive News for San Diego Real Estate


For San Diego Real estate news and statistics, DQNews.com is one of the best resources for good reliable information.   For San Diego specifically, you are able to view both home sales and Median Price analytics in every community.   In one of their recent articles this week entitled “Southland December Home Sales at Six Year Low; Median Price Jumps” they address the current state of the San Diego Real Estate market.   The suggestion is that Lower sales are due to two things:  Less Investor activity and low inventory levels.   While one might think this sounds like a negative,it is actually great news for San Diego homeowners.  In 2013, the numbers show a positive 14.8% increase in the values of homes and condos in San Diego.   Check out the full article for all the details, but here are some highlights:

– Foreclosed Sales accounted for 14.2% a year ago in December.  In December of 2013, this number would decline to 5.8%

– In December home sales for San Diego condos and homes over $500k represented 34.5% of the market.  Last year this number was only 26%.

– The Median Price of San Diego condos and homes rose to it’s highest level in 6 years. ')}