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Old Town Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt provides a mentally and physically stimulating way to explore San Diego’s historic Old Town neighborhood. Compete with other teams to uncover clues and strategically catch the murderer. You are required to sign up with a complete group (recommended 4-5 people), as random teams are not assigned. The price per person is $54.99, and the next scheduled event with openings is April 9 at 11am.

Urban Adventure Quest

Urban Adventure Quest provides a trivia-packed adventure in the palm of your hand. Pay just $49 per team (2-5 people) and gain access to an app that guides you through a walking tour of the city. Answer trivia questions along the way and compete with other teams for the fastest time and most correct answers. Urban Adventure Quest is a suitable scavenger hunt for all ages, and it’s a great way for locals or people who recently moved to a condo in Downtown San Diego to discover some of San Diego’s hidden gems.

FrogQuest Photo Scavenger Hunts

FrogQuest provides a unique and lively way to explore San Diego. Race against other costume-clad teams and complete photo challenges, striving to capture the most hilarious and unique moments. End your day by enjoying discounted food and drinks while watching a slideshow of everyone’s exciting adventures. You can sign up individually to meet new people, or gather a group of friends for a memorable bonding experience. With prices ranging from $50-$75 per person, FrogQuest Scavenger Hunts are an affordable way to explore the city.

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