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What’s Different About Seeing a Condo Online Versus in Person?

By Mike in Home Buying Tips with 0 Comments

People who are thinking about buying downtown San Diego condos often start by shopping around online. This can be a good starting point, but keep in mind settling on a condo without visiting it in person can lead to some issues. There are many parts of buying real estate you can only do when you visit the property. If you see the condo in person, you might find these aspects of the property seem very different.

Maintenance Levels in Common Areas

Most online listings for condos simply list community amenities or include the standard pictures from the condo’s website. To get a picture of how pools, gyms, and other condo areas look on a day-to-day basis, you have to visit the property in person. You will be paying maintenance fees if you buy the condo, so it’s important to make sure you would be getting your money’s worth on maintenance.

Community Environment

With an online listing, you cannot see how noisy or busy the areas outside of a specific condo might be. Some condo complexes tend to attract a lot of partiers, while others may frown on any noise after 9pm. Take the time to visit the condo in the evenings and on weekends to see whether your lifestyle will be compatible with the rest of the community.

Features of the Property

Pictures for online listings tend to only include the main rooms and highlights of the condo. Taking pictures of every corner could end up being far too time-consuming for the agent, so you miss out on getting a complete tour. Some listings may purposefully leave out photos of negative areas, or they may use edited or outdated pictures to make the condo look more favorable. To see the entire condo in its present state, you have to visit it and walk around.

Community Layout

Many prospective condo owners end up feeling frustrated from online listings that include a lot of amenities without showing you the entire layout of the community. It can end up being a long trek from condo parking to a specific unit, or you might find that a unit is located right next to a noisy pool or a busy entrance. Visiting gives you the chance to see where the unit is in relation to other features of the community.

Opinions of Current Condo Owners

Going to see a condo in person allows you the chance to visit with the other members of the condo community. You may be able to ask potential neighbors about what parts of the community they like or schedule meetings to go over rules and regulations with a board member. Online, you cannot get a true sense of what it will mean to join a condo community.

If you’re interested in purchasing real estate in downtown San Diego, make sure to see the property in person first before deciding on it. Get in touch with a trusted agent from 92101 Urban Living to see the latest listings on the market and get tips on the best properties to purchase. Call 619-649-0368 to schedule an appointment.