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How to Sell a Downtown Condo During the Holidays

By urbanadmin in December 2014|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Home Selling with 0 Comments

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It is December and everyone has Christmas on the brain, unfortunately selling a Downtown condo may not be at the top of the list. Most do not want to move during the winter months especially with increased holiday traffic and potential changes in the weather.  However, buyers who are looking in the month of December tend to be very serious customers. Additionally, there may not be as much competition for Downtown San Diego Condos, as some sellers  may choose to hold off until the Spring.  Check out these tips that may give you an advantage in selling your Downtown Condo or Loft this holiday season.


1. Price your Downtown condo accordingly and do not be too aggressive. Some buyers (who have time on their side) will wait until a later date if the price of your condo seems too high. Most buyers believe the price will come down later, or they will find something better somewhere else.

2. Holiday Incentives are an appealing way to spark the interest of those buyers willing to move during the chaotic holiday months. Offer a couple months of paid  HOA dues or sellers improvements to sugar-coat the deal for those interested in the condo, but need a little nudge to move forward with an offer.

3. Be sure to not go overboard on the decorations when selling. You want to make sure buyer clients can envision themselves in your home. Tasteful holiday decorations like a wreath on the door or adding holiday greenery to the fireplace mantle are a perfect example. Be sure to not display holiday decorations that impose religious beliefs or are overly personal.

4. Online Listings are critical today, more so than ever before. Make sure you have high quality photos showing off the key features of the interior and amenity spaces to make the listing pop.

5. Seek out a professional. Although selling your condo “for sale by owner” may seem appealing, it is much harder than it seems and can backfire. Seek out a trustworthy Real Estate Agent who will allow you to relish in the holiday festivities yourself and not stress over the sale of your Downtown Condo. ')}