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Often Overlooked Selling Points

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

When trying to find selling points for a property, many sellers tend to overlook features that they have grown accustomed to. However, these ignored selling points may actually be a huge deciding factor for many buyers. If you are selling a condo, loft, or penthouse in Downtown San Diego, make sure to include these selling points in your listing.


Do not assume that buyers will be able or willing to easily research your neighborhood online. This is especially true of Downtown San Diego, which is broken up into a handful of smaller neighborhoods, like the Gaslamp, Marina District, and Cortez Hill. Don’t assume all buyers are from SD or have lived here for a while.  Pointing out highlights such as parks, nearby major roads, or certain businesses may interest a person who is just browsing through many listings.


While most people think Downtown San Diego is filled with young professionals, (and that’s true), there’s also a growing segment of empty nesters who are looking to downsize from larger homes and spend more time out on the town. Many buyers in later middle age are looking for a home that will continue to meet their needs for years, and some younger buyers may also prefer homes with a second master suite for aging parents to move into.


If you are moving because you’ve outgrown your current space, you may not realize that your closets and cupboards can seem roomy to a first-time buyer who is used to extremely cramped conditions. Be sure to mention any walk in closets or pantries, even if they seem tiny to you.

Upgraded Organization

Any sort of customized closet shelves, desks, kitchen cabinets, or bookshelves can be a huge selling point for buyers. The possibility of easily storing clutter in elegant, custom-made organizers is extremely appealing, and buyers like the idea of avoiding moving heavy organizational furniture into the property after they buy it.

Green Living

In such an environmentally conscious time, eco-friendly features such as dual-paned windows or energy-efficient insulation are appealing to buyers. Point out that buyers can save money on utility bills while they make the environment a better place. Even small features such as a smart thermostat may make your place far more interesting to buyers.

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