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Do I Need A New Real Estate Agent?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Whether you’re looking to buy a new condo or want to offload a property that you currently own, having the right real estate agent in Downtown San Diego can make this process far less stressful. In these endeavors, working with professionals is always the most effective way to establish feasible goals and meet them. Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t able to connect with the best agents for their needs right away. Following are several signs that it’s time to find a new agent.

Poor Communication

Poor communication is one of the greatest complaints among both sellers and buyers alike. If your agent is consistently bad at returning phone calls and emails or never seems to have the time to give insightful answers to your questions, you should end this relationship and start looking for new representation. In addition to keeping in touch, a good agent will regularly provide you with up-to-date market information and answer all your questions in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

Disinterest in Helping You Make Informed Decisions

If your agent is always using market jargon to describe your circumstances and your prospects, finding a new agent could help you get a better understanding of what’s really going on, especially if this is your first time buying or selling. While it doesn’t hurt for consumers to develop a better understanding of key industry terms, you should never feel like your agent is communicating in an entirely different language. It is best to work with a professional who will carefully explain all new opportunities and developments in terms that you understand so that you have the benefit of a gradual and continuous learning process.

Pressuring You to Make Commitments

The whole purpose of helping buyers and sellers learn key industry terms and the inner workings of the real estate market is to prepare these individuals for making their own decisions. A good realtor will never present you with what he or she believes is a good offer and then pressure you into taking it. Instead, this professional will explain your options and offer insights on the benefits and drawbacks of each. This way, you’ll be fully capable of making choices that are best in line with your own preferences, needs and goals.

A Vast Territory and Insufficient Understanding of Your Neighborhood

There are a number of high-profile agents that manage vast territories across several cities. While these professionals regularly close deals, they can’t maintain the tight focus on individual purchasing and sale goals that many other agents do. Choosing to work with an agent that covers a more modest territory and focuses entirely on lofts, penthouse, and condos for sale in Downtown San Diego ensures that your provider has a keen understanding of your targeted neighborhood and its features, amenities, and nuances among other things. Moreover, with fewer clients to accommodate, an agent with a modest territory will have more time to focus on you and your goals.

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