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6 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Property

By Mike in Home Buying Tips with 0 Comments

To a great extent, the San Diego housing market can be compared to the dating scene. There are quite a few highly attractive condos, penthouses, and lofts for sale in Columbia District and other neighborhoods in downtown, and real estate agents play the role of matchmakers for prospective buyers. Current conditions in downtown San Diego evoke the feeling of young ladies with many suitors. Deciding on a dream property is a matter of paying attention to certain signs. As you search for the place of your dreams in San Diego, the following signs will let you know you are getting closer.

1. It Just Feels Right

If you are dazzled by a penthouse in the Marina district the moment the real estate agent and seller allow you to walk in, you know good times could lie ahead after the closing. If you can’t describe the feeling, it is a good sign. If you find yourself smiling uncontrollably after the first showing, it is an even better sign.

2. You Fall in Love with the Neighborhood

Some house hunters care more about the neighborhood than the dwelling space itself. It is very easy to fall in love with the neighborhoods of downtown San Diego. Foodies will feel right at home in Little Italy, while night owls and trendsetters will gravitate toward the Gaslamp district.

3. The Amenities Suit Your Lifestyle

Modern condominium developers have figured out that residents care deeply about amenities. Your interior decorating style may be minimalist, but you might not be able to resist the modern fitness center and the rooftop lounge with fire pit and sweeping views.

4. It Fits within Your Financial Goals

Real estate investors who plan on becoming landlords will likely evaluate their options with a more critical eye, but they are bound to fall in love with a property they feel they can market easily to prospective renters. If you are planning on building equity and selling for profit later down the line, you might fall in love with the historical sales charts of a specific condominium tower.

5. It Inspires You to Think About the Future

A combination of property and neighborhood attraction may prompt you to start visualizing what your life will be in your new place. If you are currently single, you may even envision spending time with your soulmate at a loft in Cortez Hill. A listing that makes your imagination take flight is very likely to be your dream home.

6. The Price Is Right

If you work closely with a real estate agent in downtown San Diego, you may be able to find a bargain despite the current market conditions. When the seller accepts your offer, you may feel you have found your dream home.

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