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5 Warning Signs You Might Be Outgrowing Your Loft

By Mike in Urban Living with 0 Comments

All the open space and roomy ceilings can make it fun to live in San Diego lofts downtown, but as you grow up and accumulate more belongings, loft living can change from a trendy experiment to a frustrating reality. All of those lofty ceilings result in high heating costs, and you may miss the lack of privacy if you live with others. If you notice any of the following things happening to you, it might be a sign you’re outgrowing your loft.

1. You Frequently Have to Move Things Around

Do you find yourself needing to push the kitchen table out of the way at parties you host or having to scoot over your couch to fit a computer desk in your loft? All of this constant rearranging can become exhausting, and it is a sign you do not really have enough space for your needs.

2. You’re Constantly Waiting for the Bathroom

Most loft spaces tend to just have one or possibly one and a half bathrooms, which may be fine if you are a single person living in the loft, but it could quickly become a problem if you are starting a family. You may end up needing to shower before work while your partner wants to use the same space to shave and your child desperately needs to use the toilet. Bathrooms that feel cramped are often one of the first signs of needing more space.

3. Your Home Is Filled with Clutter

One of the most frustrating signs of a too-small home is all the clutter that builds up everywhere. When you do not have enough closets, cabinets, or space for shelves and drawers, it may be difficult to stay organized. You may notice your kitchen counter is loaded with appliances and extra dishes while your bedroom has clothing draped everywhere.

4. You’re Starting to Get Tired of Your Partner or Roommates

When more than one person is living in a loft space, most people find the lack of privacy grating. No matter how much you love your family, you end up missing the chance to get some “me time.” Never being able to have time alone could end up causing some arguments and friction with those living in your home. It may be a good idea to start looking for a home where you can set up separate bedrooms, living rooms, lounge areas, and home offices.

5. You No Longer Enjoy Spending Time at Home

Even if you do not consciously notice any signs you are outgrowing your loft, you may begin to subconsciously view it as a stressful and confining space. Many people who need to get a more traditional and spacious home end up spending most of their time elsewhere. They may prefer sitting at a coffee shop to going home and browsing the web because they are so fed up with their loft.

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