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5 Reasons You’re the Annoying Neighbor

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Every person in the world has neighbors whether near or far. While that’s great if you need a cup of sugar, inconsiderate neighbors can be fairly obnoxious. Before you point fingers, though, decide if it’s really the neighbor of if it’s you.

You Don’t Follow the Noise Ordinance

Most neighbors understand typical daily clamor and don’t mind catching a note or two of the tunes you blast while cleaning. However, if your EDM music can be heard down the hall at two in the morning after you get home from the bar, you likely aren’t making any friends on your floor.

You Never Shut Your Blinds

Some people don’t have any privacy concerns. While it is not necessarily bad that you feel as if you have nothing to hide, neighbors across the way might find it bothersome to have the light from your loft in downtown San Diego shining through their window at night. They also might not enjoy seeing you vacuum in your birthday suit. Consider shutting your blinds when darkness falls.

You Leave Passive Aggressive Notes

Leaving a note about something from time to time is no biggie. But regularly expressing your disdain for the other party’s actions isn’t just annoying, it’s also rude. If something bothers you that badly, it is best to take it up with a higher power rather than leaving notes around the building.

You Forget What a Trash Can Is

Everybody wants where they live to look nice. That includes a space free of trash. Don’t get in the habit of leaving your trash in the hall, leaving bottles and cans by the pool, or not properly disposing of other trash in common areas.

You are a Parking Space Thief

Not all places have assigned parking, but there are rules that tenants have always established themselves. If you have witnessed a person parking in the same spot since they moved in, it is best to be fair by finding one of your own.

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