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6 Teeny Kitchen Decorating Ideas

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Adjusting to a small kitchen is one of the biggest challenges when purchasing a condo or loft for sale in Downtown San Diego. Still, who says small needs to be cramped or inefficient? There are plenty of creative ways to maximize space in your kitchen and make it both functional and stylish.

1. Opt for Open Cabinets

Too many closed cabinets can overwhelm a small space. You can make your kitchen feel more open and make everything more accessible by getting rid of the doors and turning overhead counters into open storage space. You can use magnetic knife holders, pot racks, or attractive shelving to keep everything organized or show off your favorite dinnerware and glassware to add charm and personality to the space.

2. Think Outside the Box

Who says your kitchen needs traditional boxy cabinets? You can maximize space and give your kitchen a unique, upscale appearance with non-traditional open shelving that wraps around the entire room. Not only will it free up space, it also gives you a way to show off your favorite cookware and keep everything you need within reach.

3. Go with Bright White

White subway tiles and crisp white cabinetry can really make a small kitchen feel spacious and open. You can keep a monochrome color scheme, add dark granite countertops for contrast, or add pops of color with bright cookware or pottery on display.

4. Focus on a Functional Space

The main purpose of your kitchen is storing and preparing food, so focus on giving yourself the prep area and appliances you need—nothing more. If you have limited workspace, a rolling island or cart can be stored in a closet when it’s not being used. Don’t make your kitchen work overtime by trying to make it a homework station or a space to pay bills as well.

5. Add More Lighting

Small spaces can feel like a closet without enough lighting. Condo kitchens need a good mix of atmospheric and task lighting to open up the space. Try adding pendant lights over a bar countertop, under-cabinet lighting for meal preparation, and spot lighting above your cabinetry. You can even add lighting under the base cabinetry to illuminate the toe plate.

6. Add dramatic overhead lighting

You can draw the eye upward and make your kitchen feel sophisticated with dramatic overhead lighting such as patterned drum shades, pendant lights with personality, or even an antique chandelier.

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