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Which Smart Home Devices Should You Get for Your Condo?

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Smart homes and smart condos are the hottest residential improvement trends of 2017. If you’re one of the people who are lucky enough to live in 92101 condos, you already have a smart home automation advantage because you only have to worry about the interior. Likewise, condo rules will steer you toward wireless options and make you resist the temptation of tearing out cables and installing new wiring.

If you are a condo tenant or if you intend to put your unit on the rental market, you should choose devices you can take with you. On the other hand, installing a fancy smart home system may attract tenants who are willing to pay more each month. Keep this in mind when choosing from the following devices.

Smart Hubs

As previously mentioned, you should minimize drilling and running wires as you install your smart home system. Your first step should be to invest in a hub. You have a few choices in this regard, but it is important that you know how the market is developing at this time. First of all, the Apple HomeKit platform does not feature a dedicated hub as of mid-2017. This does not mean you cannot control smart home devices from your iPhone, but there are some compatibility issues.

You may want to start off with hubs such as SmartThings, Amazon Echo, or Google Home, which will allow you to wirelessly connect and control just about any smart home device. At this time, Google Home is the most powerful hub, closely followed by the Amazon Echo. Once you get the hang of interacting with your chosen hub, adding devices will be very simple.

Twist Smart LED Light Bulbs

As their name suggests, these light bulbs come with a twist: each one has a small speaker you can use to project music in every living space in your condo. Moreover, Twist bulbs automatically adjust brightness according to the time of day and season.

Piper Security Cameras

Even if your condominium has security around the clock, you may still want to keep tabs on things while you are away from your unit. Piper cameras are discreet and extremely simple to install. They are compatible with all hubs and allow you to view the inside of your condo via a dedicated smartphone app.

Lockitron Smart Locks

A few smart locks in the market do not require you to replace your existing hardware. Such is the case with Lockitron, a brand offering locks that fit over your front door’s deadbolt so they can be controlled via your iPhone or Android-powered smartphones. If you are planning on becoming a landlord, you can install a Lockitron for your tenants and let them know you will retain a metal key in case of emergencies.

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