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Spotshare | Guest Parking in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|September 2014 with 0 Comments

Spotshare is a Great option for guest parking in Downtown San Diego

In an urban environment, parking is always going to be an important issue to consider.   In relation to Downtown San Diego condos, parking adds value to the unit.  In some neighborhoods, an extra parking space can be worth approximately $30k to $50k of upgraded value.   Typically, parking spaces are assigned to each Downtown San Diego condo.  A one bedroom condo usually has one parking space assigned, while usually two spaces are associated with the two bedroom floor plans. Often times…there is no assigned guest parking in a Downtown San Diego condo complex.   As a result…When we work with new buyers who are interested in a Downtown Condo and an urban lifestyle, there is always one question:  Where will my guests park?

Spotshare is an online service that attempts to answer the question of guest parking in Downtown San Diego.  Once signed up with the online service, Spotshare allows a Downtown resident to donate their assigned space when it is not being used, and also request an extra parking space when a friend is in town.   In theory, the Spotshare software is used to match the requests to the available donations in real time to satisfy the users on both sides of the sharing.  Best part is that Spotshare is free the users.   The online company charges a fee to the complex to operate the service in the building.  In my opinion…a great way to use monthly HOA fees.   If you need an extra spot, you simply login and make a request.   If there is a spot you are not using…simply donate the extra space for others to use.   The more you donate to Spotshare, the higher priority your requests are given when looking for an extra spot.  Additionally…the further in advance the request is, the better chance you have of success.   Most Downtown condo owners that I know who like Spotshare say they rarely have an issue finding a spot when needed.  With this said…they are also the ones who provide a donation regularly when they are not using one or more of their assigned spaces.

Here is a list of Downtown San Diego Condo Complexes that currently participate in the Spotshare Program:

  1. Alta | East Village
  2. Aria | Cortez Hill
  3. Breeza | Little Italy
  4. Cityfront Terrace | Marina District
  5. Diamond Terrace | East Village
  6. Discovery | Cortez Hill
  7.  Fahrenheit | East Village
  8. Harbor Club | Marina District
  9. ICON | East Village
  10. M2i | East Village
  11. Metrome | East Village
  12. Park Terrace | East Village
  13. Sapphire | Columbia District
  14. The Mark | East Village
  15. Trellis | Gaslamp