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7 Tips for Staging Small Condo Units

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

Staging a condo is a proven way to increase its selling price. Staging doesn’t just set the scene and help buyers picture themselves in your home. It can also highlight the condo’s best features or draw the eye away from potentially negative aspects. Small spaces benefit the most from staging because it makes the home appear larger and shows potential buyers how to best make use of the space. If you’re ready to list one or more condos for sale in Marina San Diego, these staging tips will leave buyers impressed.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Most people search for a home to buy because they need space. This means you need to show off every square foot of space your condo has to offer. Remove all unnecessary accessories, collections, photos, and knickknacks. All surfaces should be as clear as possible, especially the bathroom and kitchen countertops. Make sure the closets are organized with room to spare.

2. Furniture Should Be to Scale

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than oversized furniture and floor coverings. All furniture should seem like it fits the space perfectly without eating up unnecessary floor space. Make sure every space is defined. Get rid of furniture that seems to have no purpose or intrudes into another defined area.

3. Bring in More Light

Good lighting is essential to staging any home, especially small condos. When possible, open windows and remove anything that blocks the natural light. Consider adding task lighting under your kitchen cabinets. Add soft accent lights to bedside and living room side tables. Mirrors can also brighten a room, but you will need to place them so they reflect existing light. Don’t simply hang mirrors so they reflect an opposite wall.

4. Get Creative with Kitchen Storage

Kitchens sell homes. If your kitchen is overflowing, you can expect buyers to be turned off. Without much cabinet space, you will need to get creative to maximize your kitchen space and add storage buyers will appreciate. Add stackable shelves or undershelf baskets to your cabinets for more usable space. If you have the room, add a small bar-height table near the kitchen for extra storage and an eat-in kitchen. Cabinet inserts like pull-down spice racks, pantry pull-outs, and large pull-out racks will also be appreciated.

5. Reduce the Size of Your Bed

If you have a king size bed, consider downgrading to a queen or full size to make your room appear larger. The bed should be positioned in the middle of the wall right across from the bedroom door so buyers see it right away.

6. Increase Visible Floor Space

The more floor that’s visible, the larger the space appears. Dressers with tall legs leave plenty of visible floor space compared to a dresser that sits low on the ground. Glass tables are also better at creating an open and airy feel than heavy solid wood tables.

7. Divide an Open Layout

If your condo has an open floor plan, make sure you break up the large space into defined areas. You can create separate areas in an open space with area rugs or even shelving that portions the room. Tall, brightly painted shelving units can work wonders for portioning an area and adding a focal point. As an added bonus, shelves also offer extra storage space. Just avoid bookcases and units that are too tall and block light.

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