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Easy Storage Solutions for a Kitchen Island

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If your home is like most homes, your kitchen is one of the most cluttered spaces. It’s easy for kitchen drawers and cabinets to become overstuffed with gadgets, utensils, and cookware, some of which you rarely even use. A kitchen island can quickly become ground zero for clutter if you aren’t careful. To maximize prep space and reduce clutter, here are some easy storage ideas to make better use of your kitchen island, brought to you by trusted 92101 real estate agents.

Replace Drawers with Pullout Baskets

Storing potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables can be problematic. Root veggies need a cool, dry place to stay fresh, but they’re easily forgotten in a pantry. Replacing a few drawers in your island with pullout baskets can help you clear your countertops while giving you whimsical storage for food.

Install Decorative Panels

You may not always want to display something that is being used for storage. Closing an open island with door fronts disguised as decorative panels can give your kitchen a cohesive look. It can also make the island look like furniture rather than a place to hide things. A hidden push latch opens the panels to reveal shelves.

Place Woven Boxes on Open Shelves

If your island has open shelves, fill them with woven boxes that match your kitchen’s décor. The boxes can be used to store rarely-used odds and ends, linens, tableware, cooking magazines, and more. You may want to leave the top shelf free to store decorative items like your favorite dishes or copper pots.

Add a Pull-Out Pantry

Deep cabinets in a kitchen island can translate into wasted space and make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. A simple DIY project can make your island more useful. Add a pull-out organizer to store dry goods like spices and baking mixes for extra pantry space. You can also use pull-outs to store the trash can out of sight, organize cleaning supplies, or even store large items like a stand mixer.

Install Swing Stools

If your island has a breakfast bar, you’re taking up more floor space than necessary with bar stools. Swing stools can be easily installed on the inside edge of the island. These practical stools disappear when not in use but quickly swivel out when you need seating. This is the ultimate way to get an eat-in kitchen in a condo.

Replace Cabinets with Drawers

Many kitchen islands feature large, deep cabinets, even though this can be impractical. Drawers make better use of the space with greater versatility. Adding deep, wide drawers gives you space to store linens, pots and pans, dishes, and more. Just make sure the drawers and hardware are designed to bear weight if you are going to store heavy cookware.

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