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5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Move

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Moving is stressful: packing up, carrying heavy boxes and furniture, unpacking. In downtown San Diego, the challenges of moving also include stairs, small walkways, and difficult spaces to navigate through. Here are five tips to make the move into your new condo in downtown San Diego stress-free.

1. Measure!

Measure your space first. This includes all areas leading to the space. Know if your furniture will fit before you get there. Sometimes you will need to get creative if you run into a space that won’t fit your beloved couch. Knowing what space you have to work with helps ensure the moving day is stress-free.

2. Wrap Dishes in Clothing

Kill two birds with one stone on this one. Protect your dishes from breakage with your t-shirts. This will help cut down on the amount of boxes you will have and make things easier when unpacking. It will also save you money on bubble wrap.

3. Take Apart Furniture

If you have items that come apart, it is best to take them completely apart before you move them. Keep screws, washers, and bolts in a plastic bag that is then taped to the piece of furniture itself for storage. Having everything disassembled will help you move it quickly and easily in tighter spaces.

4. Label Everything

Knowing what is in each box helps you unpack easily. Label items in the box on the outside for a quick reference. It is also very helpful to label small items such as cords for easy use during unpacking. When you arrive at your condo in the Gaslamp, put the boxes in the appropriate room. It’s one less thing to do when unpacking.

5. Get a Good Deal on a Truck

Moving and truck companies change their prices based on dates of pickup and drop off as well as location. Check every moving truck company and be prepared to play around with your dates or locations. It may save you a lot of money to pick up the truck two days before your move, or to drop the truck off at a major location rather than a smaller one.

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