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How Can Student Loans Affect Getting a Mortgage?

By Mike in Mortgages with 0 Comments

A growing number of people have student debt that can take many years to clear away. While you are continuing to pay off your student debt, life is still going on, and you may end up wanting to buy downtown San Diego real estate during this time. However, it can be tricky to get a mortgage if you also have student debt. Student debt may affect a financial institution’s willingness to lend to you in the following ways.

Credit Report

To understand why student loans affect the ability to get a mortgage, you need to understand a little about the process of getting a mortgage. When you apply for a mortgage, the bank will check your credit report to see if you have any other preexisting payment obligations. Any outstanding payment obligations will lower the amount the bank is willing to loan to you. Your monthly payments for loans will show up as an obligation on any credit report.

Multiple Loans or Private Lenders

Any sort of debt on your credit report makes you look like a riskier investment for the bank, and the way private lenders operate can make your chances even worse. The shorter-term amortizations and higher interest rates associated with a student loan from a private lender could end up making your payment obligation appear inflated. There are similar issues if you have multiple student loans instead of one single, large loan. If you plan on getting a home anytime soon, it is best to avoid private lenders and consolidate multiple student loans into a single loan.

Loan Delinquencies

If you have a student loan, you should try to pay it off without any delinquencies. Skipping payments on a student loan can make it difficult to get a mortgage because it lowers your credit score. People who have a history of not being able to make loan payments for student loans will seem riskier to the bank. Lenders may be cautious about providing you with a mortgage if you seem unlikely to pay it back properly.

Inaccurate Documentation

If your student loans are either deferred or paid off, they should not technically affect your ability to get a mortgage. However, there may be bureaucratic inaccuracies that end up causing problems for you while hunting for a mortgage. In the case of deferments, lenders will automatically view the loan payments as being 2 percent of the principal balance unless you can get a payment letter from the lender that more accurately states what your payments will be. If you have paid off your loans, your report may still show the payment obligation until you can provide documents proving your debts are paid off.

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