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Tips for Remodeling Your Loft’s Kitchen

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When you move into a new loft in downtown San Diego, you may find the kitchen space a bit underwhelming. Depending on the developer, that may be intentional. A traditional loft conversion that starts with a former commercial space involves creating as much open space as possible, and this may include a kitchen with minimal cabinetry and counters. New lofts may feature kitchens complete with center islands, cabinetry, and counters, but the style may clash with what you have in mind for the entire space. The open floor plans of lofts call for a different approach to remodeling, and this extends to the kitchen.

Start with Space & Color

You don’t have to skip the center island to maximize space. It’s more important to pay attention to how the floor plan flows. Along with exposed ducts and beams, high ceilings are meant to evoke a sense of open space, but your choice of paint schemes may interfere with that aesthetic. If you want the kitchen to flow into the living room, you should stick with lighter colors with little variation. For example, beige will blend with white, and the same goes for black into gray. If you’re fine with making the loft’s interior seem more compact, feel free to choose a contrasting paint scheme.

Choose the Right Flooring Materials

It’s generally better to choose a single material for the entire loft floor. If you’ve been following the trends in downtown San Diego real estate, you’ll know polished concrete floors have been popular in recent years, and they’re very dynamic in terms of interior design. Laminate materials aren’t recommended for busy kitchens. Linoleum, ceramic, porcelain, and natural-stone tiles are better choices.

Use Variation in the Kitchen’s Design

While you can stick with your loft’s current interior design (which, in downtown San Diego, often means industrial and rustic styles), the kitchen is one space where you can inject some variety. If the loft is predominantly concrete gray, brushed stainless steel appliances are ideal, but you shouldn’t be afraid to try black or white. Since the kitchen is the focal point of most lofts, focus on lighting and decorative elements, such as faucets, cabinet hardware, and backsplashes. Don’t be afraid to choose countertops that contrast with the cabinet colors.

Incorporate a Dining Area

While the center island can always serve as a dinner or breakfast bar, a dining area adjacent to the kitchen will always look better in a loft, particularly if there’s a window you can take advantage of. The choice of dining table and chairs is crucial, but you may also want to add a lamp and even a painting. In fact, a dining area is the ideal place for setting up an accent wall with vibrant colors, artwork, or wallpaper. 

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