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San Diego’s Best Outdoor Activities

By Mike in Things to Do with 0 Comments

San Diego is a top destination for those who like a little adventure. From people-watching at the beach to exploring the city’s urban core, San Diego offers both locals and tourists plenty of fun outdoor activities. Our downtown San Diego real estate brokers have put together a list of their faves for you to try out this summer!

1. Kayaking

La Jolla is about 15 minutes north of downtown San Diego and offers some great guided kayaking tours. Kayakers will have the opportunity to swim, get an up-close look at sea life in the coves, and observe the sea lions that can be seen sunbathing throughout the area. The tours are family-friendly and appropriate for all skill levels.

2. Paddleboard Yoga

Maintaining your balance on a paddleboard as you propel through the water may be challenging enough on its own. If it isn’t (or if you just can’t be stopped), try paddleboard yoga. You’ll paddle out and then practice yoga, while balancing on the board. You can find lessons online or stop at one of the pop-up stands at various beaches where you can rent a board and take a quick lesson!

3. Scuba Diving 

Consider investing in a scuba diving course. This is the best way to view all the mysteries of the ocean floor and learn a new skill! It provides more in-depth ocean coverage than snorkeling, and the course will provide all of the information you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

4. Slacklining

Slacklining is a trending activity in the San Diego area. You will see lots of locals positioning a long rope between two anchor points and balancing or performing acrobatics on the line. The local parks are a popular place to try this unique activity, but to avoid a hefty ticket, make sure you are aware of the park guidelines.

5. Parasailing

If you’re not afraid of heights, try parasailing at one of San Diego’s many beaches. This thrilling adventure will get you out over the water and provide a fabulous birds-eye view of the city and coastline.

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