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Throwing the Ultimate Summer Pool Party

By Mike in Things to Do with 0 Comments

Having access to a community pool in your building makes it easy to host a hot summer party. And let’s be honest, the pool is what sold you on that loft for sale in downtown San Diego. Here are a handful of tips for throwing the ultimate pool party this summer.

Themed Cocktails
Bring out the minibar! What’s a pool party without margaritas, mojitos and wine slushies? Go the extra mile and make Jell-O shot versions of your favorite drinks. Be sure to use plastic containers and avoid glass, which likely isn’t allowed in the pool area for safety reasons.

Decor, Decor, Décor
Community rules might limit just how much you can do to spruce up the pool area, but bring out the giant inflatable swan, get a few balloons and streamers, and maybe pick up some glow sticks if you’ll be out in the evening hours.

Floating Waterproof Speakers
Music is key to a great party. Floating waterproof speakers are a hip new trend that will wow everyone. They’re surprisingly affordable, and some even light up.

Extra Towels
There’s always a few people who forget to bring a towel, so have plenty of spare towels on hand to help keep everyone dry. It’s a nice touch that your guests will appreciate.

Let Security Know Who’s Coming
Some condos in downtown San Diego have limits on the number of guests allowed at one time. If you’re nice and understanding about it, and on good terms with security, you might be able to squeeze in a few extra. Even if there is no limit, letting security know in advance ensures your guests will have easy access to the building.

Tidy Up
Having access to a pool gives you not only the means to throw the ultimate party, but also the responsibility to tidy up afterwards. Keep the community space clean and be respectful of others.

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