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5 Staging Tips if You’re Selling Your Penthouse in the Summer

By Mike in Home Selling with 0 Comments

One of the most important rules of staging a home for sale is always to consider the circumstances. Certain property types benefit from a specific style of staging, and picking outdated or out-of-season staging can confuse and distract buyers from the home. If you own real estate in downtown San Diego and you’re planning on staging your penthouse during the summer months, try out these tips that can highlight all your home has to offer.

1. Set the AC to the Right Setting

A penthouse is marketed as a luxury purchase, so your staging needs to appeal to clients who appreciate relaxation. Since buyers value comfort, you need to get the right temperature that won’t freeze clients or make them want to leave for a cooler place. Generally, around 70 is good, but you may want to set it a degree or two lower if you plan on having a lot of people in the penthouse at once.

2. Use Summery Color Themes

Most staging items tend to be in neutral colors like grey, beige, black, and brown. These colors are always a good place to start, but in the summer you need to add pops of bright color through artwork, throw pillows, and other home décor items. Aim for summery shades of aqua, coral, royal blue, sunny yellow, and other bright hues to make the house seem as festive and fun as the season.

3. Stage the Outdoor Areas

Of course staging the outdoor spaces is important at any time of year, but it becomes absolutely critical during the summer. In the warmer months, buyers will typically be exploring the outdoor areas and trying to picture themselves enjoying what’s meant to be one of the major perks of owning a penthouse. Arrange patio chairs, barbecue grills, outdoor lighting, and other accessories to create cozy seating areas for entertaining guests.

4. Clean and Dress Windows

One of the first things potential buyers usually do when they enter a penthouse is walk to the windows to check out the view. Since this is such a major reason to buy a penthouse, you need to make sure it’s as perfect as possible. All the pollen, dust, and extra sunshine in the summer can make this challenging. Paying to get a high-rise window cleaning is usually worth the budget, and make sure to get blinds and drapes that frame your view, coordinate with your décor, and let in natural light while toning down UV exposure.

5. Fill a Closet with Pool Accessories

If your penthouse has a pool, highlight this great feature by putting a few pool floats, sand toys, or stacks of freshly folded beach towels in a closet. This encourages buyers to think about all the great ways to cool off in the summer if they buy your penthouse.

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