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Take Your Date on the Ferry to Coronado

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Gentle breezes caress your face and dance across the bay, the surface is smooth as glass, and the sight of the city skyline takes your breath away. Buildings radiate golden light, their illumined profiles mirrored on the water. What a perfect night for a rendezvous in Coronado. 92101 real estate experts have designed a fun and romantic plan for couples living in downtown San Diego.

Decide on Your Departure

You have two options for taking the ferry to Coronado, either from the Broadway Pier or the Convention Center. The Broadway ferry runs every hour on the hour, Monday through Thursday, until 9pm. On Friday and Saturday, the last boat bound for Coronado sails at 10pm. The ferry leaving the Convention Center runs more frequently, every 30 minutes, at 25 minutes and 55 minutes past the hour. The last departure Monday through Thursday is at 9:55pm. Friday and Saturday, the last sail of the day is at 10:55pm. Naturally, you’ll want to leave much earlier so you have time to explore Coronado.

Choose Your View

Each boat has two levels: an open top deck and an enclosed lower deck. From the upper platform, you have a bird’s-eye view of the prime attractions lining the bay. Keep your eyes peeled for Seaport Village, the Fish Market, and the Central Library. You’ll also be awed by the majesty of the Coronado Bridge.

Browse the Shops

The smooth ferry ride takes just 15 minutes. Upon arriving at the Coronado Ferry Landing, you have several options. Stroll arm-in-arm along the palm-lined paths, pause at the water’s edge, and sneak in a kiss or two. If you and your date want to shop, there are roughly 20 stores to survey.

Visit an Art Gallery

Founded 22 years ago, the Art for Wildlife Gallery at 1201 1st Street is a showcase for local talent. The menagerie of works includes a variety of media, including acrylic, bronze, wood, glass, clay, and aluminum. All items are nature-themed, and some use upcycled objects. You’ll be enchanted by the gallery’s layout. Intriguing pieces nestle in alcoves and perch on pedestals. Some peer at you from illuminated glass cases. The gallery sells both high-end art and inexpensive masterpieces. Because the owners have close relationships with the artists, they’re able to share fascinating backgrounds. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 7:30pm, and Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Admission is free.

Share a Meal

Whatever your favorite cuisine, Coronado aims to please. All ethnic tastes are appeased, including French, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, and Asian. Savory seafood reigns supreme. Locals rave about Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge at 1015 Orange Avenue, praising it as the finest farm-to-table restaurant in San Diego. Open windows invite fresh Coronado breezes. You can also cozy up on the outdoor patio, sheltered by a large umbrella. At Miguel’s Cocina, located at 1351 Orange Avenue, most of the Mexican entrees cost $10 to $15. Because Miguel’s is a popular spot, be sure to make reservations to avoid waiting for service.

Attend a Musical

At the Coronado Playhouse, classic plays and musicals come to life. From now through December 10th, there will be showings of A Chorus Line. The theater houses just 100 guests. Hosted by the Coronado Community Center, the building overlooks the cobalt water of Glorietta Bay. Tickets cost $20 to $27, with shows held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8pm. The musical runs two hours.

Head Back Home

For the return trip to Broadway Pier, boats depart every hour on the half-hour. Monday through Thursday, the last ferry leaves Coronado at 9:30pm. Friday and Saturday, 10:30pm is the final departure time. If you’re heading back to the Convention Center, the ferry runs every 30 minutes, departing 10 minutes and 40 minutes past the hour. Monday through Thursday, the last trip from Coronado Landing is at 9:40pm. On Friday and Saturday, the last boat sails at 10:40pm.

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