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4 Places to Get Tapas in San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

If you enjoy beer, wine, and cocktails accompanied with appetizers and snacks other than cheese sticks, burgers, and hot wings, you really owe it to yourself to visit some of the great tapas bars in the downtown San Diego area. Marina San Diego real estate agents have put together a list of 4 local tapas bars you need to check out.

1. Rustic Meatballs

This East Village tapas bar is famous for its thorough dedication to serving some of the tastiest side dishes in San Diego. Some taverns are known for their beer selection and others for their innovative cocktails. Rustic Meatballs is widely known for its delicious cuisine, which focuses on freshly baked bread, a great variety of meatballs, sausages, salads, and dipping sauces. All menu items are ideal for enjoying with local craft beers, which are served on tap.

2. Isola Pizza Bar

Located in the Little Italy district a few blocks east of the Waterfront Park, Isola is reminiscent of the fancy bars found in major Italian cities like Rome and Milan. The extensive menu features cold cuts and other delicacies served along with gourmet pizza and pasta. The wine selection is also impressive. Despite being a fancy establishment, prices are reasonable.

3. Ginger’s

This trendy establishment is located in the Gaslamp Quarter near Market Street and the legendary Barleymash bar. Ginger’s is for patrons who are more serious about the food they select to pair with their drinks. Their specialties are the tapas platters, which would rival those served in Barcelona or Alicante.

4. The Whiskey House

This 3rd Avenue bar is the best spot in downtown San Diego for whiskey aficionados. Most of the tapas and desserts prepared here feature bourbon or whiskey as recipe ingredients. Although the atmosphere in this bar feels extremely classy and upscale, casual attire is welcome and the prices are reasonable.

Tapas bar are just one small part of the local downtown culture, and you can have instant access to the fun just by living in the area. If you’re looking for condos, Marina San Diego and many other neighborhoods in downtown have a few amazing selections to choose from. Call 92101 Urban Living today at 619-649-0368, and we can help you find an incredible home to enjoy for years to come. ')}