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Simple Ways Prospective Buyers Can Test-Drive Condos

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

When it comes to buying a new Downtown San Diego condo for sale, a general walk-through isn’t sufficient for getting a good feel for a prospective unit. Although a comprehensive, professional home inspection will reveal things that aren’t readily apparent, you have to have strategies for determining whether the condo is right for you. Following are several sneaky ways to test-drive a condo before submitting your offer.

Take a Walking Tour

Put yourself in the shoes of neighborhood residents by traversing the nearby streets on foot. This will give you a chance to determine whether or not you’re comfortable in this environment and whether the right amenities for supporting your lifestyle exist. Check for an ample selection of local stores and restaurants and easy access to public transportation and parking. What you find in the Gaslamp District will likely vary significantly from what’s easily accessible in the Downtown San Diego Columbia District.

Give the Water Features a Test

Don’t be shy about turning faucets and showers on. This is the only way to check for adequate water pressure and determine whether the water heats up within an acceptable amount of time. Low water pressure is a common sign of hidden leaks and pressure that is too high can lead to water waste and higher than average water bills. Although these things don’t have to be deal-breakers, they’re definitely worth looking into and should be factored into your purchase decision.

Check the Windows

Windows serve as both noise barriers and protection against the outside elements. Windows that are drafty, show signs of condensation, or fail to adequately block outside noise could be problematic. Open the windows up and see if you get a good airflow. If the unit is surrounded by tall outside buildings, you may not get enough of a cross-breeze to suit your tastes. You should also check to see whether or not the unit gets a good amount of natural light.

Listen for Excess Noise from Surrounding Units

Try to visit the condo multiple times and at different times of the day in order to gauge the level of noise coming from surrounding units. This is particularly important if you’re considering a bottom floor option. The pitter-patter of small feet running across your ceiling could prove maddening over time. Ask whether your overhead neighbors have small children and check to see how sounds travel within the actual unit. You can turn on the dryer or have an acquaintance walk towards you from the other side of the unit to see how far sounds from appliances and footfall travel.

Measure the Closets

Whether the seller has cleaned out all storage areas or still has these packed with personal items, take out your tape measure and get a good feel for their size. Crowded closets could be much larger than they initially seem and collecting dimensions will give you data that you can compare to the measurements of the closets that you’re currently using.

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