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How to Host a Great Thanksgiving Get-Together in Your Loft

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Despite what you may believe, it is possible to throw an awesome holiday dinner party even in small East Village San Diego lofts. Of course, hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner in a not-so-large space does require a bit of planning. Here are some of the best tips to pull off an unforgettable holiday get-together without feeling like your home is bursting at the seams.

Rearrange Furniture

You may be very proud of how you have decorated your loft, but Thanksgiving is about family and friends, not showing off your great use of space. You may find it easier to temporarily convert your living room into the main dining room and swap furniture around. Pieces that take up space or won’t be used during the get-together may be placed in the bedroom or closet for the next day or two. You may not be able to walk around your bed, but it’s only for a day and no one will see that your bedroom has become a storage closet. Focus on creating seating and floor space. It may help to visualize the dinner and how people will need to move around to plan what furniture should stay in the living area.

Break Up the Seating

You may not have room for a large dining table that seats everyone, which is fine. Don’t be concerned about seating everyone together. Make use of what you have and create dining areas around your loft. A small round table and a couple of spare chairs can fit into a tight corner. Bring out some folding tables. You can also repurpose your existing furniture or have guests sit on the couch with trays. If you still want a cohesive look, cover each dining area with a simple tablecloth and centerpiece.

Pre-Prep Ingredients and Make the Food Ahead of Time

Kitchen and fridge space may be at a premium. The last thing you want is to buy everything on your list but have nowhere to put it. Break down ingredients once you bring them home to make sure everything fits in your fridge. Pre-prepping can also save you a lot of time on the big day. Prepare any dishes that can be made ahead of time, such as pie and cranberry sauce. Because the turkey will take over the oven for hours, consider adding dishes that won’t need the oven, such as wild rice salad.

Ask Guests to Bring Something

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to help out, but make sure you’re specific. For example, you may want to ask one guest to bring an appetizer and another to bring a potato side dish. Have your guests confirm what they will bring so you know how much room you’re freeing up in the fridge and which dishes will need time on the stove or in the oven. Food isn’t the only thing you can ask guests to bring. Ask if anyone has spare tables, chairs, cups, and tableware you can borrow for the day.

Once you have your perfect loft, you can host all sorts of fun get-togethers. If you’re interested in lofts in Gaslamp or another neighborhood in downtown San Diego, reach out to 92101 Urban Living. One of our knowledgeable agents can help you find what you’re looking for. Call 619-649-0368 today to begin your search. ')}