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The Beginners Guide to Renting in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in April 2013|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Top Ten 92101 Blogs with 0 Comments

Apartments for rent in downtown San Diego92101 (Downtown San Diego) is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought after zip codes to call home in the US. For many that are deciding on how to make that move possible, this blog post is for you.

When looking to rent in downtown, there are a few ways to go about it. The most common ways to rent would be to rent from an apartment complex, or rent directly from a condo owner. Both options provide pros and cons.

Renting from an apartment complex can be the easiest route. Apartment complexes can be found throughout all of Downtown San Diego and generally require a smaller upfront security deposit. Many apartments for rent in Downtown San Diego also offer residents referral bonuses for bringing in new tenants. If anything breaks within the apartment, they generally have an on-site maintenance manager for quick response times, or at least a 24/7 phone number to call. The downside to these rentals is that there is no price negotiation. The lease terms and rental price are usually pre determined and there are no negotiations available. Because of the lower price points, apartment complexes usually attract younger tenants, which can often lead to the community seeming more like a dorm instead of a home. In Downtown San Diego, there are some apartment complexes that definitely dominate the scene. Strata, Vantage Pointe, Allegro Towers, Current, and the Oliver McMillian Lofts (Lofts @ 707 10th, Lofts @ 655 6th, etc).

The other option for renters is to rent directly from a condo owner. Many homeowners buy condos as second homes, and decide to rent them out when not in use. These are a little bit tougher to find considering there are no sales offices or signs helping you out. Often times, condo rentals can be found listed on Craigslist or by visiting a local area realty site (like us here at 92101urbanliving.com/rentals). After the initial walk through is completed and you have decided to call the place your home, you must fill out a standard application and provide credit and income documents to the condo owner. They then decide on you as a tenant. The benefit for you as a renter is that you can negotiate the terms directly with the condo owner, including lease length, pets, and rental price. Downtown San Diego condo buildings are usually smaller and much nicer than apartment rentals. Generally, a security deposit equal to one full month’s rent is required before move in. Downtown San Diego Condo rentals can be found in every neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.

Either way that you decide to go, it’s always best to have someone that knows the local area and available rentals working on your side. Rental Agents (again, like us at 92101 Urban Living) can send you current listings in the area that you’d like to live, and schedule showings with the condo owners, sometimes even taking you themselves. There is no cost for you as the renter, the rental agents are paid by the condo owners and apartment complexes for bringing them tenants. If you would like any help finding a rental in Downtown San Diego, please contact us, and we will help you find the perfect place to call home. ')}