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4 Neighborhood Features That Can Increase Your Condo’s Resale Value

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Although ample storage and top-tier amenities may be at the top of your buying checklist, it is also important to consider the layout and appeal of the community overall. These are factors that will have a definite impact on the resale value of your Downtown San Diego condo. With the right neighborhood features, you can trust that your investment will retain its marketability throughout the years.

1. Properties That Are Eye-Catching and Unique

You’ll have a much easier time offloading your investment when you get ready to sell it, if it’s surrounded by original and appealing architecture. In Downtown San Diego, large developments can begin to look the same from one to the other. While it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for most prospective buyers, buying a condo in a building with an interesting or unique look will help it maintain value and appeal to buyers in the future.

2. Communal Amenities

Developments that are rich with communal amenities give people ample options in recreation that don’t require extra money or extra travel. Thus, it’s very beneficial to shop for lofts, condos, or penthouses in Downtown San Diego developments with swimming pools, fitness centers, media centers and other attractive features. Condos in buildings with an overnight guard and secure access tend to have higher resale values as well, given the extra security and peace of mind that these properties supply.

3. Quality Restaurants and Shops Within Walking Distance

The walking score is another factor that many buyers are starting to consider while shopping for properties in Downtown. This score accounts for how easy it is for homeowners to access desirable businesses on foot. Many people want the ability to walk to local coffee shops and grocery stores rather than drive and thus, the selection of nearby businesses can have a marked impact on the marketability of your place. Luckily, weather you buy a condo for sale in the Marina District or one in the Core or Columbia area, it likely has a high walkability score. What might be even more important is whether or not your condo comes with secured parking. In areas like Downtown with limited parking, having two secured parking spots and a garage with guest parking can make or break a property.

4. Access to Quality Schools

While Downtown San Diego doesn’t usually bring thoughts of families to mind, more and more young parents are moving to urban areas, and that means they’ll be interested in the school system. Condos and lofts that are located in quality school districts are virtually guaranteed to appreciate over time. Whether you have kids or not, it pays to read reviews of local schools and to ensure that the nearby options are top-rated. While the school system won’t make or break the value or sale of your place, it won’t hurt to keep it in mind.

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