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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Penthouse Hunting

By Mike in Home Buying Tips with 0 Comments

If you have the opportunity to purchase a penthouse in downtown San Diego, it may be an excellent investment and an enjoyable place to live. However, people trying to buy penthouses for sale in Cortez Hill San Diego could run into unique problems that other property buyers might not face. Since these properties are on the pricier side, make sure you avoid these five mistakes when hunting for your dream penthouse.

1. Not Asking How Maintenance Is Handled

In some buildings, the penthouse will be the only way for apartment maintenance to access the top of the building. However, you don’t want your privacy interrupted by construction workers, window cleaners, or elevator inspectors constantly needing to walk through your apartment to reach structures. Before deciding on penthouses in Gaslamp Quarter, talk to the apartment manager or owner about how repairs that require rooftop access will be managed.

2. Not Thinking About Outdoor Maintenance

One of the major appeals to purchasing a penthouse is a beautiful rooftop garden, patio, or private pool. Even if you have a green thumb, you may be surprised to learn how much time and effort it takes to maintain penthouse landscaping. Make sure you are prepared to manage the exterior areas of a penthouse before you put in an offer on a property with rooftop maintenance that may be too time consuming or expensive for you.

3. Purchasing Property Next to a Construction Site

A lot of people interested in Marina San Diego penthouses make the mistake of assuming they will always have the best view of the San Diego skyline or bay just because they are at the top of a building. This can lead to a lot of frustration when the empty lot next door suddenly turns into a huge eyesore that fills all your penthouse windows. Make sure to research the area and ensure an even taller building is not about to be built in a place that will destroy your views.

4. Ending Up with a Leaky Roof

One thing a lot of penthouse buyers forget is that the roof in the building will be their own roof too. Your roof will be exposed to high winds, strong rains, freezing temperatures, and even lightning, which can lead to all sorts of wear and tear. Get a thorough inspection by a person experienced in roofing before you end up stuck with a penthouse that is going to be challenging to maintain.

5. Ignoring the Quality of the Rest of the Building

Don’t let the glamour of a penthouse distract you from other important aspects. Even the nicest penthouse can be an unpleasant home when the rest of the building is filled with dingy amenities and obnoxious students. Try to look for a penthouse in a building that has other high caliber apartments and enjoyable amenities in it.

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