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Things You Will Not Want to Forget When Moving Out

By urbanadmin in December 2014|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Home Buying|Home Selling|Moving with 0 Comments



Moving is always tough whether you are moving right down the street or moving out of your city thousands of miles away. When moving out you have to worry about so many things! Moving your possessions, selling your loft or condo, and saying goodbye to your neighbors, but on top of that there are other small details that can be hard to remember in the madness of it all. To allow for smooth transition from one place to the other try to make a moving checklist as a recipe for successful moving.


Banking is critical, make sure that your new city or neighborhood has a bank branch nearby, sometimes changing to a new bank may be necessary if your bank is local and you move out of the area.


Do you have specific medical prescriptions or doctors appointments that need to be changed? Have your medical professional call your new pharmacy in your new city to transfer prescriptions over. Plan ahead to begin looking for new medical professionals for when you need those check ups and make sure they take your insurance plan. Yelp is a great resource to help you find medical professionals or even a great new restaurant.


Make sure that you transfer or cancel gym memberships, cable and internet services, local clubs or organizations and beware of those early termination fees that may apply. Factor these into the costs of moving out if necessary. Also, check in with your child’s school and request copies of your children’s records to take with you.


Start to use up those items in your Kitchen, like frozen goods that do not travel well so you can avoid throwing them out. Begin to get creative with your cooking because moving food should be the least of your worries. At your going away party have your friends bring reusable grocery bags and you can donate items to your friends.


If you are driving to your new city be sure to get the car tuned to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. Make sure to have a first aid kit handy in your car just for longer road trips. If you are moving to Downtown San Diego or another urban area be sure to check on the parking and moving regulations. Some condo buildings only allow moves on certain days of the week and you must reserve an elevator.


Don’t forget to transfer your mailing address with USPS.


Finally, on your last day of moving out be sure to capture some your favorite aspects of your neighborhood and home that you are leaving. Visit your favorite local spots, take a picture of your family in front of or inside your old home, and even host a going away party to create those memories. Happy Moving!