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2 Tips for Walking Your Dog in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego is known for being dog-friendly. In the area, there are several parks, stores, and restaurants where dogs are welcome. You’re likely to see people out walking their dogs at any time of day. If you own real estate in East Village San Diego or another downtown neighborhood and want to take your dog out for a walk, these 2 quick tips can help you enjoy pleasant encounters while you’re out and about.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If your dog has issues with certain types of people, do your best to avoid them. Some dogs are agitated by men in uniform, such as postal carriers, UPS drivers, police, and firefighters. Others get riled up when they see cats or squirrels. Try to steer clear of potential upsets by being aware of your surroundings. Dog walkers invite trouble when transfixed by their cellphones. Should you inadvertently come across a behavioral trigger, remain calm. If your dog senses anxiety, it will likely panic. Try not to be dramatic while changing direction, veering off the sidewalk, or occupying your dog with a distraction. Also be cautious when crossing the street. Downtown San Diego is full of traffic all day long, so make sure your dog is trained to stop at stoplights.

2. Take Care When You Encounter Other Dogs

Always keep your dog on a short tether rather than a retractable lead. When crossing a street, train your dog to stop and wait for your cue to move. Also, know how to read other dog owners. Dodge those who are inattentive or not in control. Here’s a clue: the dog is either walking behind its owner, pulling him or her forward, or throwing him or her off balance. This behavior shows a lack of authority. If an owner corrects the dog quietly or non-verbally, he or she is likely in control. If he or she is shouting and anxious, keep your distance. However, don’t yank on your dog’s leash or abruptly change direction. While moving away, try to act normally. If your dog is acting feisty, warn the other owner. Do your best to maintain order. If your dog is well behaved but you’re wary of an approaching pet, ask the owner if his or her dog is friendly. If the other dog has issues, the owner will hopefully tell you, and you can prevent a problem between the two dogs. If you must pass them, place yourself as a buffer between the dogs.

If you’re a dog owner and are looking for some great condos, East Village San Diego is an awesome place to live. There’s even a dog park conveniently located in the area where you can take your best furry friend. Get in touch with the real estate experts at 92101 Urban Living if you’d like to see some of the latest downtown San Diego properties on the market. Give us a call at 619-649-0368 today. ')}