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6 Things to Do if You’re Moving at the Last Minute

By Mike in Moving Tips with 0 Comments

Did you close on your downtown San Diego condo sooner than you anticipated, or have unexpected events delayed your planned move until the last minute? Though most moving experts recommend taking a couple of months to prepare, the reality is many people are faced with the prospect of suddenly having to move all their belongings in just a few days. If you’re dealing with a last-minute move, these tips can help things go as smoothly as possible.

1. Make a Plan for Handling Logistics

The very first thing you need to do is think about logistics. Consider whether you plan to move yourself or hire movers. Next, you need to think about renting a truck and moving equipment. Do all of this as soon as possible because many companies are booked far in advance. Then think about how much stuff you have and get boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to start packing.

2. Ask for Help

When you have to move in just a couple of days, trying to do everything by yourself could lead to disaster. Find professionals in the area who can help you, or ask friends and family to come by and give you a hand. Take the time to show your loved ones how grateful you are for pitching in by making sure they get some good food and thanking each person.

3. Set Aside a Box or Bag with All the Essentials

You’re going to be in a big hurry for the next few days, so you don’t want to realize all your cups are at the bottom of a box or your toothpaste is suddenly missing. Before you pack anything else, go ahead and set aside all your essentials. Put these in an area where you can easily access them in both your new and old homes.

4. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

When you’re in a big hurry, you might not have time to lug around things like an old couch you were going to replace soon anyway. Think carefully about whether you really want to spend time and energy moving each item. If it’s not worth it, try to get rid of it.

5. Skip the Organizing

When you’re dealing with a last-minute move, tidiness and organization shouldn’t be a priority. Just focus on safely getting everything you need to the new location. If this means packing a box of board games, forks, and shoes together, accept it. You can sort out all your belongings at your leisure in your new home.

6. Pad Breakables with Soft Belongings

To pack more of your belongings in a shorter amount of time, skip bubble wrap or packing paper whenever possible. Instead, use clothes, blankets, and pillows to pad your breakables so you can pack up all these items in a single box.

Moving is stressful for most of us, and it can be especially hard when you have to get it done in a hurry. Following the tips above can make your last-minute move a little easier. Another way to take the pain out of moving to a new home is to work with agents who know all about real estate in downtown San Diego. Call one of the friendly agents at 92101 Urban Living today at 619-649-0368.