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Top 10 Features Downtown San Diego Buyers Want in a Mobile Friendly Website

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Over the last several years, real estate websites have felt the need to evolve in order to meet the needs of their users.  For Downtown San Diego buyers, mobile searches are vital to their search for a loft or condo.   The Downtown urban landscape does not allow for signage and the typical methods of identifying current listings for sale or rent.  A quality website that is “responsive” to mobile users is one of the only ways to generate the most current information about Downtown San Diego lofts and condos. 92101 Urban Living has been producing Downtown specialized real estate websites since 2004.   Once only a small percentage of searches…mobile users now make up over 60% of the total searches for real estate searches on our website.  Mobile usage is no longer a trend for Downtown San Diego buyers.  Mobile and responsive sites have quickly become the standard for those interested in Downtown San Diego Real Estate.

Recently, 92101 Urban Living launched the latest version of it’s Downtown Real Estate website.  Specifically constructed to be user friendly, we tailored the features of our new site to be consistent with the needs of our users.  We listened to feedback, and made sure that our clients and users were pleased with the mobile functionality.  The following  is a list of the Top 10 Features Downtown San Diego buyers want in a mobile friendly website:

1. Location: Location services on the website are so valuable to potential buyers and renters.  Even though we know Downtown San Diego as experts, new buyers and tenants have trouble getting around.   Our mobile users need to know where they are Downtown, and where they are going.

2. Mobile Responsive:  On of the most valuable features of the new website is that it is mobile responsive.  The 92101 Urban Living Website “responds” to the device of the user.   The first version of our mobile website did not allow a user to access all the information of the desktop version.  We needed to make sure that the new site was mobile responsive, so that users retained all the information and functionality of a traditional desktop search.

3. Prominent Search Features: The main focus of our new mobile site is the Search feature.   Easy to use functionality to search by Price, Neighborhood, and Complex allow any user the ability to find the current lofts or condos that will represent their criteria.

4. E-mail Contact Button: If a user has a question or wants to inquire about a viewing, we made sure there was an e-mail contact button visible on every page.

5. Links to Social Media Networks:  48 percent of our mobile users want to reach out via social networks rather than just e-mail and phone.   Users want to be able to easily check Yelp Reviews and see what the company is up to on Facebook.

6. Easy To Navigate: Over two thirds of Mobile users need to find what they are looking for in just one or two clicks.  We needed to make sure that search features and the home page were just a click away for users to access.

7.  East to Use Buttons:  Function buttons on a mobile site form the foundation of use.   Without easy to use buttons, the mobile version of the site would be cumbersome and impossible to navigate.

8.  Click To Call Button: One of the best measures of service in the real estate industry is how easy it is to speak to an agent or broker of the company in person.   Improvements in the Click to Call Button on the mobile site in addition to direct forwarding to an agents cell phone have improved access to direct communication.

9. One Direction Scrolling: Vertical scrolling features on the mobile site allow the user ease of searching and review of information and pictures.

10. Access to Pictures and Video:  The desktop version of 92101 Urban Living is heavy on informational content.  Small and sometimes lengthy, content on the mobile version was less of a priority for users.   Our mobile users want access to high quality pictures and video of the current lofts and condos rather than “sales” focused marketing language. ')}