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Top 5 Reasons For a Seller to Consider Staging a Downtown San Diego Condo

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|October 2013 with 0 Comments

Cortez Hill Condo in Aria Unit 1203

The question of whether to stage a Downtown San Diego condo when a seller is deciding to list for sale can be a very important decision.  The question is:  As a seller, why should I invest money to stage my  Downtown San Diego condo.  Bottom line…because a minimum investment can yield 5 to 10 times the original investment back when the ultimate value of the Downtown San Diego condo is achieved.   Why are there model homes?  Most buyers have a problem envisioning the possibilities of a space.  Color, furniture, smell, and proper design can enhance the best qualities of a space and provide “vision” of proper layout, while distracting the eye of a buyer from potential negatives.

Reasons to consider staging a Downtown San Diego Condo

1.  Shows better to buyers in a viewing: Let’s face it…good design always shows off the space and floor plan layout of a Downtown San Diego Condo.  Things like color, smell, organization, and layout are all the influencing factors that can allow a buyer to feel comfortable and connect with the space.   A well designed unit will always show better, and as a result add considerable value in the eyes of a buyer.

2.  Unit always appears larger: Even though one may think that adding furniture can impose on the appearance and overall feeling of space… Organization and proper placement of furniture, mirrors, color, and artwork can make a unit look larger.   This is especially true in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

3. Staging can add extra value:  Proper staging and design can add value to a Downtown San Diego condo by enhancing the units selling points, while distracting a buyer from potential negative aspects of the space.  Add four times the investment.

4. Allows a buyer to personally connect to the space: Home staging is a very effective way to encourage buyers to feel more comfortable in a space.   If they feel comfortable, then they can start of process of imagining how they can personalize the space to suit their own needs and criteria.

5. Staging makes your Downtown San Diego Condo Memorable:  When buyers are out and about with their agent shopping for a Downtown Condo…often time they will visit multiple units.   I order for your unit to remain memorable, it will have to show well enough to be considered among the top three that the buyer saw on that particular day.   Often times, it is the little design touches of staging that will allow a particular Downtown San Diego condo to stand out more than others. ')}