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6 Stereotypes About San Diegans That Are 100% True

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

If you just bought a downtown San Diego condo for sale and are relocating to the area, it won’t take you long to realize some of those jokes and stereotypes you’ve heard about the people who live here are totally true.

1. Everyone Is Super Fit

San Diego wasn’t named the third most in-shape city in the United States for no reason. The streets and beaches are always crowded with joggers, cyclists, and people on roller blades. The best way to fit in is to join a gym or start training for a race.

2. Everyone Is Either Really Conservative or Really Liberal

There really is no in-between. The surfer population of Ocean Beach and the LGBT community of Hillcrest typically throw support behind the left. The gun-loving Republicans in parts of North and East County drown out the Dems with the rumbles of their lifted pickups. But make no mistake, it’s hard to be unhappy in San Diego, and you’ll find most people are happy to respect other beliefs and coexist peacefully.

3. Everyone Drinks Craft Beers

Small craft breweries are popping up everywhere these days, but San Diego is home to over 110 of them. You can pick some up from the breweries themselves or order them on tap, since most bars and restaurants in town keep at least a dozen local brews on draught. Loosen your hold on your usual big beer brand and give some craft beers a try. You could make new friends and even find a new favorite brew!

4. Mexican Food Is Everywhere

Because San Diego is a border city with a huge Latino population, finding amazing Mexican food is easy no matter where you are in town. Out of all the Southwestern cities known for Mexican food, ours is the most consistently delicious.

5. The Weather Is Amazing

San Diego averages 182 “pleasant” weather days per year, meaning no significant precipitation and a temperature of 55-75 degrees. Paradise!

6. There Are Lots of Military People

We have the largest naval fleet in the world and 22 percent of the city’s jobs are defense-related. Another reason everyone is so in shape!

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