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Urban Design Trends for 2015

By Mike in February 2015|Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

SD Urban Lifestyle

Everyone has their own idea of what urban design is, but designers and downtown residents often say it mixes the old with the new, blending historic and classic design concepts with those more contemporary and modern. So what urban designs are we going to expect this year? Check out this list from the Downtown San Diego real estate experts at 92101.

Trending In Urban Homes

Gone are the days when kitchens had to conform to neutral colors on the walls, granite countertops and dark hardwood floors. Today’s urban kitchens utilize a number of materials to create a room that is both stylish and functional. Warm colored metals for kitchen fixtures bring a historic touch and can be juxtaposed with modern glass backsplashes and sleek dark cabinets. More and more homeowners are taking the extra step and enhancing this design with a pop of color to act as a focal point.

Wild patterns are also continuing to dominate the world of design this year, with pattered wallpapers being a favorite for adding warmth and aesthetic appeal to bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. The many prints and options available also make feature walls using wallpaper something that appeals to many demographics, making it ideal for creating a one-of-a-kind urban loft or condo in Downtown San Diego.

Trending In Urban Offices 

Expect Millennials to radically alter the design for office workspaces in the downtown district. Isolated cubicles, or permanent offices are too confining for this crowd. They want flexible environments such as co-work spaces or themed rooms. More than simply aesthetic revolt, companies are realizing that the function and flow of office space plays a role in promoting worker productivity and even camaraderie among employees. These new spaces perfectly embody San Diego’s eclectic west coast lifestyle.

Trending In Urban Restaurants

This year, urban restaurants are emphasizing the social aspect of having a meal. Dining out is an opportunity to spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones, and maybe even to meet new people at the same time. In terms of design, you’ll see long communal tables for multiple groups of diners, reclaimed wood for both the floors and for wall art, and open herb gardens. Urban restaurants want to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment that appeals to all of your senses.

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