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Value of a San Diego Condo View

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|July 2014 with 0 Comments

San Diego Condo View
Views and orientation may be one of the most important aspects of your San Diego condo purchase.  The value of a Downtown view is part monetary and part personal preference.  What direction is the orientation of the unit? What does the view look at?  How unique is the view?  This set of questions are just some of the important factors that go into determining how much a potential buyer will pay for a San Diego condo view.  Here are some important considerations we use as Downtown agents when advising our clients and evaluating the value of a view for a Downtown San Diego condo.

1. Orientation: The way a unit faces in a particular complex.  Orientation will help determine sun exposure and natural lighting.   When buying a west facing San Diego Condo view remember that during the summer a full west exposure can mean hot afternoons.   South facing views will have more direct sunlight in the winter time when the sun is lower on the horizon.

2. Water Vs City Views: Every buyer will over spend for a water facing view.  Water views in Downtown Real Estate have always been some of the most valuable.  When buying in an urban area like Downtown San Diego, some of the most underrated views are of the City Skyline.

3.  Protected views:  Buying a protected San Diego Condo view is a very important consideration.  You must be sure to do your research and be able to determine if that parking lot across the street from your balcony is going to be a high-rise condo or office building someday.  The Columbia District and East Village will have many orientations and views that will eventually will have future building in front of them.

4. Relative Value:  Everyone has heard the cliche of “a million dollar view”.  Of course downtown views are valuable. Due to the personal preference of any given view, the question of how valuable an orientation is up for debate.  For this reason, it we refer to view value as relative.  In general, “water views” and the “highest views” are the most valuable in Downtown.  Unique views (like ballpark, library, Coronado Bridge, or skyline) will have a relative value.  They may be worth a million dollars to some buyers and worthless to a buyer without a specific preference.

5. Night Viewings:  When considering a San Diego condo view that has any city lights or city orientation, the value of a night viewing is so important.   Night viewings reveal the true value of a skyline orientation.   With a night viewing, you will be able to see and experience the view with a completely different feeling than in the day light. ')}