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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Homes Resale Value

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|Home Selling with 0 Comments

Improve_homes_resale_valueFor most people, a home is their most important financial asset. With that being said, it is extremely important to keep your home modern and updated. Whether of not you’re looking to dramatically change your home’s structure or just spruce up a bit; here are 5 upgrades that can add value to your home.

1) New Kitchen

For most, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It has the most value per square foot in the house and is usually used the most. An outdated kitchen will certainly stray potential buyers away. If your appliances are more than 5 years old, consider replacing. Make sure that you’re staying on top of current trends. Right now, stainless steel and professional series appliances are what the top of the line manufacturer’s are leaning toward. The kitchen cabinets should not be overlooked either. Wood tends to stand out above laminate surfaces, and make sure that you have some custom features scattered throughout. A wine rack or custom crown molding can attract an eye and stand out.

2) Floors

Many people tend to overlook their floors as an area of improvement. Yet when it comes to the resale of a home, outdated flooring is always a major concern to a buyer. Carpets should be replaced, at minimum, every five years and possibly sooner if in high traffic areas. Vinyl or laminate should be upgraded to a hardwood or tile/natural stone finish. Not only does a flooring upgrade last much longer while you stay in your home, but will greatly increase your resale value when it comes time to sell.

3) Plumbing Fixtures

A generally easy upgrade that you can make is to change out your plumbing fixtures. Many homes still have chrome fixtures, consider changing to a higher quality brushed nickel finish. Does the kitchen sink come equipped with a high neck faucet, control, and sprayer? If not, find a matching set and make this slight upgrade.

4) Clean Out Your Garage

This is an easy fix that will go a long way while you’re showing your home. Potential buyers need to see that there is additional storage space and a clean place to park their cars. If you have a two-car garage that is full of boxes so that only one car can fit in, get rid of those boxes. Rent a storage unit for a couple of months or install some vertical shelving to organize. A cluttered garage makes the home seem like there is less available space for storage.

For more tips on how to increase your home’s resale value, or to get information on the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market, please Contact Us. We look forward to helping you find your home.