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7 Frequently Heard Stereotypes About San Diego’s Downtown Area

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Every major metropolitan region is bound to be viewed in terms of stereotypes, and downtown San Diego is no exception. We all know stereotypes are often exaggerated in terms of generalization, but they can also hold grains of truth when they’re evaluated in context. In the case of housing markets, stereotypes can often shine a light on the culture and lifestyles of residents. Here are seven generalizations about living in downtown San Diego that are not only interesting but also factual to a certain extent.

1. San Diego Is Obsessed with Cleanliness

Chicago, known as “The Windy City,” is also sometimes called “The Windex City” because of its spotless downtown districts, and this can also be said about downtown San Diego. The City of San Diego operates 20 power sweepers and several trucks that adhere to strict schedules. In fact, the street-sweeping schedule for District 3, which encompasses most downtown areas, is something new residents are expected to learn unless they want to deal with parking tickets.

2. Mexican Restaurants Are Everywhere

This is a technically inaccurate generalization that should be more accurately expressed as “There are many Tijuana, Baja California, and fusion cuisine eateries in San Diego.” Culinary arts from south of the border have a strong influence on the local restaurant scene, but there is a lot of diversity in this regard.

3. San Diego Residents Cannot Handle the Cold

The year-round sunny weather can sometimes be interrupted by cold snaps, which typically last about a week. When temperatures drop below 50 degrees, you’ll see mostly tourists outside, but not many locals.

4. San Diego Is Very Liberal

Compared to the rest of Southern California, voter registration databases in San Diego suggest residents are pretty balanced in their political ideologies. Republican voters had an edge from about 1996 to 2008, but they’ve lost strength in recent years.

5. Everyone Is in the Military

A few decades ago, the defense industry employed nearly 30 percent of the San Diego population, but cutbacks and the emergence of other economic sectors have reduced this rate to about 22 percent. Thanks to the military tradition, though, many downtown San Diego residents are able to pursue stable and lucrative job opportunities.

6. Everyone Is into Surfing

Quite a few homebuyers look for condos in downtown San Diego that offer storage space for surfboards. Buses operated by the Metropolitan Transit System will let you bring surfboards no longer than six feet. A few nice breaks are within reasonable distance of the downtown districts: Pacific Beach and La Jolla are good for beginners, and Sunset Cliffs is for experienced surfers familiar with ocean risks.

7. Craft Beer Dominates San Diego

There are more than a dozen microbreweries in downtown San Diego and more than a hundred all across the city, thus giving validity to this stereotype. San Diego has quickly caught up to Portland and Denver in terms of craft beer production.

Stereotypes are sometimes true, and the ones mentioned above might even convince you downtown San Diego is the perfect place for your next home. Its eclectic mix of restaurants, events, and neighborhoods make it the ideal place for almost everyone. Our team at 92101 Urban Living specializes in real estate in downtown San Diego, so make sure to call one of our friendly agents at 619-649-0368 and let us help you get started on finding your perfect downtown San Diego home.