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Open Floor Plans: Benefits & Drawbacks

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The concept of an open floor plan has been ingrained in popular interior design trends since the early 1990s. Basically, “open floor plan” is used to describe residences that have two or more defined rooms joined in some capacity to form a much larger multiuse space. This larger space is usually created by eliminating walls or a portion of the wall that typically separates two rooms into singular-use spaces, such as a wall that divides a kitchen and dining room. Open floor plans are featured in many contemporary urban designs, including penthouses, condos, and lofts in downtown San Diego. As with anything else in life, open floor plans come with both pros and cons.

The Pros:

Improved Communication and Visibility

An open floor plan makes it much easier for families to communicate from room to room. Without partitions separating people in various rooms, communication isn’t simply easier but can continue while people move about the home. For example, parents can talk to their children about what they’d like for dinner, and the kids can remain in the living room while the parents continue the conversation in the kitchen. Additionally, open floor plans increase visibility, making it easy to keep an eye on young children.

Feeling of Increased Space

Small spaces feel even smaller when they’re divided by several walls. Open floor plans give the feeling of a larger, more fluid space.

Greater Ease in Entertaining

Whether you’re having a family night, entertaining a few guests, or throwing a dinner party, an open floor plan is perfect for people who love to entertain. No matter what type of event you host these days, guests always seem to end up in the kitchen. An open floor plan allows you and your guests to easily move from room to room while enjoying the afternoon or evening.

The Cons:

Higher Costs for Cooling and Heating

Open floor plans typically use hefty beams to carry the weight of the second floor rather than relying on walls, which takes away the option to heat or cool specific rooms. Instead, the entire space needs to utilize heat or air conditioning, depending on the time of year.

Potential Sound Issues

While open floor plans are great because they allow for increased communication throughout the main floor of the home, the lack of walls also means there are decreased sound barriers to block noise. Just as parents may wish to have a conversation with their kids who are in the living room while they cook in the kitchen, they may not want to hear their kids during a rambunctious play time while quietly working at the dining room table. Fortunately, open floor plans can be easily tailored.

Lack of Privacy

One of the main considerations when choosing an open floor plan regards the level of privacy. Open floor plans are exceptional for families that desire increased socialization with each other and with guests, but they can also make it difficult to have spaces on the main floor with ideal privacy.

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