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Condo Owners: 7 Things that Are Your Responsibility

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For most people, owning a condo is a convenient way to get luxury amenities, avoid lawn care, and live in a secure community. However, this doesn’t mean condo owners avoid responsibilities entirely. Condo owners might not have to perform as much maintenance as single-family homeowners do, but they still need to handle some issues. If you’re considering investing in downtown San Diego real estate, understand that when you buy a condo, you’ll typically end up being responsible for these seven things.

1. Your Unit

Of course, one of the most basic things a condo owner is responsible for is the unit itself, which includes the floors, walls, ceilings, and everything else that makes up the unit. Even if it’s something like a structural beam that supports another unit, you may be responsible for it if it’s inside your unit.

2. Appliances

Any appliances in your unit, including water heaters, ovens, and HVAC systems, will be your responsibility. You’ll need to repair them yourself and replace them when they no longer work. The only exception to this may be if you have appliances that are shared by one or more units in the building, but this is fairly rare.

3. The Unit’s Plumbing

Plumbing that goes through the condo’s public areas is normally handled by the condo association, but any pipes that go through your unit may be your responsibility. For example, a clog in the main sewer line will need to be handled by your HOA, but you’ll have to handle a clog in your shower.

4. Some Electrical

In most condos, anything that’s meant to serve a single unit will be the responsibility of that unit’s owner. Even if the wiring itself is outside your unit, you may need to handle repairs yourself if something goes wrong. Things can get complicated with all the connected wiring between units, so read the fine print in your condo agreement carefully to see if you’re responsible for it.

5. Condo Association Fees

One of the most important things owners are responsible for is condo association dues. These dues are essentially your share of the fees for handling maintenance, amenity upgrades, and building repairs.

6. Private Areas Attached to Your Unit

You’ll be responsible for any private areas attached to your unit, such as a private yard, a balcony, a garage, or a deck. However, personal areas not attached to your unit, such as a parking garage, may be maintained by the building.

7. Doors & Windows

Like plumbing and wiring, these parts of your condo may or may not be your responsibility. Some buildings require condo owners to maintain their own external doors, windows, and shutters, while others consider those items part of the building that’s managed by the HOA. Check your bylaws carefully to see if you’re responsible for these elements.

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