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8 Things Buyers Want When Searching for Luxury Properties

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

Selling a luxury property is a completely different experience than trying to sell in the budget real estate market. The buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for extra luxuries normally have different priorities. Most 92101 real estate experts find buyers of luxury properties are especially interested in these 8 qualities.

1. Exotic Materials

Luxury property buyers don’t simply want stylish homes. They also appreciate knowing the home is made from rare or unusual items. Current real estate trends are leaning toward sustainable options, so many buyers are drawn to homes with reclaimed materials. Historic details like beautiful antique windows or wood beams from an old church are particularly prized.

2. Open Floor Plans

When buyers are looking for luxury, the word “spacious” is frequently used, but this does not just refer to square footage. Buyers want to feel like their home is open and airy, so there is a huge interest in features like two story entryways. For instance, some of the priciest 92101 lofts feature barely any walls.

3. Tricked Out Kitchens

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and luxury property buyers want the very best in their kitchens. Added touches like wine refrigerators and walk in pantries can be a huge draw. A luxury property will likely sell better if it has a massive, commercial-grade kitchen with top of the line appliances.

4. Incredible Location

Even the most elaborate property may have trouble selling if it is in a rough neighborhood. Wealthier buyers normally prefer buildings that are right in the middle of bustling areas. Having a soaring view of the city skyline and convenient access to shops and restaurants is appealing to most luxury property buyers.

5. Customized Storage

Walk-in closets lined with drawers and shelves are a must-have for luxury properties, but this is not the only type of storage that clients desire. Built-in bookcases in the living room or custom racks for pots and pans in the kitchen can help increase a property’s “wow” factor.

6. Integrated Technology

More and more luxury condos, lofts, and penthouses in 92101 are being upgraded with appliances, alarm systems, climate control, and lights that can all be controlled through smartphones. Buyers love this type of built-in feature because it is both convenient and trendy.

7. Incredible Bathrooms

Luxury property buyers want a home that will pamper and relax them. A massive tub that buyers can picture themselves sinking into after a long day is an absolute must. Even the little touches like rainfall shower heads, recessed lighting, and heated floors can be a deciding factor in a sale.

8. Outdoor Spaces

The newfound interest in green living has launched a real estate trend for elaborate outdoor areas. Any luxury property that features a rooftop garden or access to an exclusive community park will be more likely to sell. Outdoor cooking areas where the buyer could entertain guests are particularly appealing.

If you’re in the market for a luxury property in the downtown San Diego area, there are many attractive condos, lofts, and penthouses to choose from. Get in touch with the real estate experts at 92101 Urban Living to see the latest listings. Call 619-649-0368 and schedule your appointment today. ')}