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Essential Home Repair Skills Loft Owners Should Have

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Lofts are part of an ongoing real estate trend in downtown San Diego. For the most part, lofts are converted from former commercial spaces. One example is Postal Lofts, a multifamily structure in the Golden Hill neighborhood that was a post office in the 1960s and is now the site of three upscale lofts. Not all lofts are unit conversions, though. In fact, many lofts in downtown San Diego were built from the ground up as new residences that feature open floor plans. To maximize space, internal walls are limited to the bathrooms and bedrooms, and some elements, such as pipes, beams, and ventilation systems, are partially exposed.

For the most part, homebuyers who acquire downtown San Diego lofts should have the same level of home repair knowledge as owners of condos and single-family homes. In some cases, repairs are actually easier because of the exposed ductwork, which means issues are visible and easier to reach. Here are some basic repairs you should take the time to learn.

Turning Off Utilities in Case of Emergency

Water, gas, and electric utilities can become dangerous and cause damage or injuries if they’re not handled properly during accidents. Every loft owner should know how to shut off the gas, water, and electrical power, which means remembering where the switches and valves are located and how to turn them to the “off” position. Having a fire extinguisher that’s safe to use on electrical fires is also essential.

Unclogging Toilets & Drains

Most people know how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet, but this tool can also be used on most sinks. You’ll have to learn how to remove the drain cover, which in many cases can be unscrewed or popped out. Run some water and start plunging vigorously. If this doesn’t unclog the drain, the next step would be to use a plumbing snake, which will almost always work.

Fixing a Toilet

Once you know how to shut off the water to your loft, replacing your toilet’s tank levers, flappers, lines, hoses, and fill valves will be easy to do with the right kind of screwdriver. Get into the habit of spotting the defective part, removing it, taking it to the hardware store, and installing the replacement part by reversing the process.

Replacing Air Conditioning Filters

Replacing the HVAC filter can make your compressor run more efficiently, control mildew colonies, and lower your electricity bills during the summer. This is a simple task that only requires knowing where the filter housing unit is located.

Switching Out Light Fixtures

Once you know how to cut off the power to your loft, you should be able to replace a fixture if you notice changing the bulb no longer works. As with replacing toilet tank parts, use a screwdriver or pliers to remove the fixture, take it to the hardware store, and install the replacement.

If you’re in the market for a fantastic loft in one of San Diego’s bustling downtown districts, make sure to seek out real estate agents who have extensive knowledge about the area’s diverse array of properties. When you’re ready to work with the premier authorities on real estate in downtown San Diego, call the friendly team at 92101 Urban Living at 619-649-0368.