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What’s the Urban Lifestyle You’re Searching For?

By Mike in Urban Living with 0 Comments

Living in the bustling downtown region of a big city comes with some great opportunities. Whether your dream urban lifestyle includes late-night parties with friends or exploring the neighborhoods, downtown San Diego has something for you. This great area accommodates a variety of urban living styles.

Trendy and Social

Downtown San Diego has a lot of spots that cater to those who love being in the hottest clubs and experiencing the coolest nightlife. Those who enjoy all the hustle and bustle of popular spots will appreciate the unique charm of the Gaslamp Quarter. This region is mostly known for being the area where everyone in San Diego goes to party, but it can also be a great spot to live. It’s filled with luxury downtown San Diego condos that soar into the sky and provide great views of the coast.

High-End and Luxurious

You can experience some truly extravagant living if you choose to live in the Marina area, San Diego’s most exclusive neighborhood. Situated right along the water, it’s filled with luxury condos and penthouses. This area is so sought after because it’s centrally located and filled with great features. You can dine at incredible restaurants, explore fascinating museums, and relax in beautiful parks.

Artistic and Quirky

If you love supporting local artisans and living in a down-to-earth community, consider East Village. This neighborhood is mostly filled with students and young professionals, so there are always fun things to do like participate in art hops to support community artists or shop at the local farmers markets. With plenty of breweries, locally owned coffee shops, and unusual restaurants within walking distance of converted warehouse condos, East Village is a hipster’s paradise.

LGBT Friendly

Situated just a little to the north of the main downtown area, the areas around Cortez Hill and nearby Hillcrest are known for their beautifully vibrant community of LGBT people. As you stroll past all the restaurants and bars in the area, it’s common to see rainbow flags waving in the breeze. These areas are right by Balboa Park, so there are plenty of opportunities to appreciate and engage in the arts.

Vibrant and Walkable

San Diego also caters to those who want a peaceful yet charming neighborhood. Little Italy is a historic region filled with a blend of high-rise and mid-rise condos, so it’s popular among younger families and retired couples. While it’s technically possible to walk in most downtown San Diego neighborhoods, Little Italy definitely scores big on the walkability scale. Roads like India Street are lined with classic Italian and modern gourmet eateries, and there are plenty of bars and entertainment venues nearby as well.

No matter which urban lifestyle you prefer, you’ll find a spot in downtown San Diego that’s perfect for you. For help finding your ideal piece of downtown San Diego real estate, reach out to the experts at 92101 Urban Living. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.